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How long will someone with down's syndrome live?

Oh, Natey-O!
they live until they come to realize they have downs syndrome then they grunt and kill theirself.
no joke.

Rada S
They usually they live into the early 50's. ...everyone is different. that is jus tthe average.

visit this site:

People with down's syndrome can live as long as any normal person can

Average life expectancy is upper 50s.

well i've seen some people with down syndrome (when taken well cared for) live until their 40's and 50's, though i'm not sure, I can't speak for all. Down syndrome isn't as bad as all the other disorders.

believing is seeing
they can live long lives, just like people without it.

until they die

Every case is different.... I have a friend that is 28.

Depends on what kind of physical problems they have. For instance, some have fairly significant heart defects, but others do not. People with Down's Syndrome without too many serious defects, live easily into their 50s-60s.

I heard from a friend who takes in Foster kids with Downs Syndrome that the average life expectancy is like 35. But she may be off by a few years. And it wouldn't be unusual for them to live much longer. It would depend on what other health issues they have.

Many people with Down syndrome begin to develop progressive loss of mental function similar to Alzheimer disease by age 40 years, and 75% of people with Down syndrome show signs and symptoms of Alzheimer disease

It depends on many factors. I knew a person with DS who lived until 48. They often have other health issues associated.

I know some who have lived quite long. Old age. In their 50s right now. I cannot say that all people that have downs will live that long but some do. That is why it is sad for them. Often Parents die before the child. And they will always be children. It is sad as you know how heart broken a child can be when they lose a parent. And with no one to take care of them, a lot end up in halfway houses, or worse left to fend for themselves. It would be nice if they gave them classes continuously as they often need to be reminded of every day life tasks or chores.

I have a cousin who is a healthy 40 yr. old. They do tend to have some health problems but not always. They can live as long as anyone else.

TMLeaf Fan
Life expectancy of someone with Down's Syndrome is about 60.

it depends on if there are any other secondary illnesses, if not they can live the normal life expectancy of anyone else

For as long as there's life in the body... in other words, someone with Down's Syndrome can live a perfectly lengthy life, just like anyone else UNLESS there are other health issues. Many have other health issues and those are factors that must be considered. I've known a few that are well into their 60s (older than me).
---Former Special Olympics Swimming Instructor/Volunteer/Coach

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