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is there a reason?
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In addition, 3 pediatric spinal/...

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Are there any ways to help the process of getting over a cold move faster? My brother has a really bad cold and it seems pretty horrible =/
Please only sensible answers.

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 I have got thrush never had it before and it hurts like hell have cream any other tips????????????????

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have got canestan not helping at the mo think i may need to take your advice and go to gp thanks ...

 Why doesnt the acid in our stomach come upto our throat when we sleep?

How long does it take for dissolving stitches to go away?
i had a deviated septem/chronic sinus infection surgery yesterday and there are the self-dissolving stitches in my nose...about how long will it be for them to disolve? i havent had stitches since i was real young and cant remember...

thank you!!!

About one week.


about a week-2 weeks tops

normally 7 - 10 days.
dont bother or think about them, they will dissolve on their own.

bart man™
7 days

Normally about 3 weeks, unless you drink an alcoholic drink then it will dissolve right away.

Joshua J
in bout two week they start to dissolve and fall out.

It depends on the size of the suture; chromic suture can last from 10 days to three weeks. Needless to say don't pull on them.

Not long, about 2-3 weeks.

Incidentally, sometimes they don't disappear. Many years ago, I had ear tuck surgery with dissolving stitches. A year afterwards, I itched behind my ear and went to my mother, who got out the tweezers and pull out a short length of stitch - and ended the itching. Maybe they've improved stitches since, but I think those that are exposed to air may not dissolve -- or at least, that's the explanation my pediatrician gave at that time!

Depending on the type of suture used it can last from 7 to 10 days up to 6 weeks. Since it is in your nose the surgeon probably used the quicker disolving suture as nasal tissue only require short term tissue/wound support.

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