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How long does Meth take to leave your system?
I have a drug test in 3 days and don't know how they will test, being blood or urine?

you are a stupid fool to be using meth! it is one of worst, most addictive dugs around, and if you are young female, i can promise!!!!!!! you that your looks will be gone soon, and!! your teeth so get some help for this addiction, or you! will die young!! OR GO TO PRISON, YOU STUPID FOOL!! MAN, I haTE METHHEADS! THEY ARE ALL LIARS, CHETS, AND CRIMINALS!!

Crack head.

I've never done drugs, but from what I have learned, doesn't it take a long time to get rid of it? Maybe you should quit and then you wouldn't have to worry about your drug tests in the future. And you would probably be a lot healthier too.

it will still be in your system because weed takes 6 months to leave your body.. good luck.. that will teach ya

Candace C
If you have to ask... maybe you shuld come off of it and contriute to the world.

You've been doing meth and you are going to be able to not do it within those next three days? Might as well stop all together.

ja rockz!
i researched your question and got these two anwsers. nd if u gotta drug test in 3days i would suggest u drink alot of water. or if not u can drink vinegar which taste really nasty but i know alot of ppl who actually drink it and come out clean on their test. Good Luck! and hopefully if u gotta big problem wit meth. u take a bigger step by lookin for help to quit
How long does crystal meth stay in your system if you snort it?
Depending on several factors such as amount used, your metabolism and your overall health it can stay in your system (on average) from one to four days.

How long does meth stay in your system?
3-5 days. Possibly 7 if you are a heavy smoker.

i think like 2-3 days

oh wow.
that IS trashy

Barb S
Never it destroys your brain cells.. Do you not know any better.

~*~FiJi's FiNeSt~*~
Depends on how long you been smokin? OR if it was just once then a few days... Drink water or tea...

you are screwed

like 3 months. stop your addiction and you wont have to worry about passing the drug tests....these tests are for people like you.

hey, don't ever do that again it's trashy.

Woll S
3-4 weeks

drink lots of water and Green Tea. drink it constantly, just don't stop. don't eat much. QUIT doing meth!!! it takes about 3 days to get out of your system.

3 to 5 days. period. if its urine, drink lots of water between now and then and even more the day of the test. there are some herbs you can prob get too. lots of water

oh honey, you need to stop that crap now. it will seriously ruin your life. and by the way, as soon as you stop doing it (if it's a bit habitual) you'll gain like 50 pounds in a few months.

Lil o' me
they will most likly be testing the urine. and it takes about 1 month to get it out of your system

usually its a urine test, and I think meth stays for 3 days in your system

oh and btw, contrary to what this other answerer said weed does NOT take 6 months to get out of your system. lmao

Katie H.
It takes about 3-4 days to completely be out of your system, Im not going to be like other people on here and tell you meth is wrong, because I myself have never and will never experience it, Ive been around users of it one point of my life. both my brothers did it as well as my boyfriend, its not a happy drug it turns someone beautiful into an ugly person inside! Think about why your doing meth and realize theres better things in life than taking drugs! : )

I am not sure. But I kow that even one dose of Meth can kill you. Each dose of Meth eats away at your insides.

I strongly suggest you seek help or at least advise on stopping today Before bad things overwhelm your live and those you love.

Clean and Sober today by the Grace of God and the people and rooms of AA and NA.

Good luck. I hope you are one of the few that make it.

DUH>>>>why are you taking meth when you know you are having a test? GET off of the meth. You must have a couple of good brain cells left...drug age you and make you look trashy.

2-3 days and if you enjoy having teeth(if you still do) you will quit while your ahead. Need energy= TAKE A NAP.

Deanna L
You can look this up online. It's not long, 2-4 days. But sad really, meth kills. We are each unique and worthy of love. You should really take better care of yourself.

depending on your metabolism and health, ranging from one to four days, maybe get out there and excersice.

but really it wouldnt be all that bad if you got caught, then you would be able to get some help.

Mrs. R
Sweet Jesus what is wrong with you?

you should get help. like right now

3- 5 days depending on your usage........if you make it that long, do yourself a favor........... stay away from that crap!

about 6 days, dont be a drug hound its scummy

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