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How does it feel to fall asleep under anesthesia? What happens?
I am scared about how it will feel to be "put under". Will it be like me fighting the darkness until I can't anymore? Is it just like falling asleep? Can they do it to me before I see a bunch of scary looking people in gowns and masks and I get stressed out about what they are going to do to me?

Evelyne L
i was freaked out about it, my first time was when i had surgery on my ear when i was about 9, but it was sort of like being super super tired, ya know when you know your falling asleep but youre fighting it SO bad and then the next thing you know you wake up the next day, its like that, you just get real drowsy real fast, kinda cool.

You just feel like you fall asleep. Next thing you know you wake up in recovery. Not a big deal, but I can understand the anxiety.

I'm sure if you make a special request, it can be done in a way that is the least stressful for you.
The moments before I became unconscious I remember feeling very calm. It is like going to sleep - it is difficult to recall exactly when you pass over.
I vaguely remember the room seeming to spin and speaking to the nurse - what of I cannot recall. I do remember feeling euphoric but it was very brief as the drugs work quickly. I don't think you should worry. Overall I found it to be very relaxing.

they put a mask on you and tell you to count back from 100..I don't know about other people but my ears start ringing and just when you think you can't take it anymore..you wake up and the operation is over.

I have had quite a few surgeries, so by now I am more aware of what is happening to me when I am going to sleep, but my first few times were much different. They put a mask over your mouth and you breath in and all of a sudden your asleep. Or they say, ok we are going to put you to sleep now and you watch them inject something into your IV and before they are done you are asleep. You will just all of a sudden be asleep. It will go so fast, you probably won't even feel sleepy, you will just be out. And the next thing you know, you wake up in recovery. It is no big deal. It can even be kind of fun to take a nice nap like that. You won't be anxious when you see the surgeons and nurses because you are given a light sedative before you are wheeled into the operating room, so you are already a little out of it.

It's just like falling asleep very quickly. Over before you know it.

Ah, I know lots about this. And when I say you won't feel a thing, I mean YOU WILL NOT FEEL ANYTHING. Regardless of what procedure you are going to have, your anesthesiologist will talk to you and give you some pre-operative medications. All kinds of different stuff depending on your condition. Then just before they wheel you off to the operating room, he will put a little something in the I.V. to relax you. You are going to feel VERY GOOD. Very relaxed, very calm, and then you will wake up in a completely different room, the operation will be over and you'll have absolutely no sense that time has passed at all. It's NOT sleep. Plus you might not remember anything at all. Some people don't. Some of the drugs that they give you for anesthesia cause you to forget everything. Until you get the bill. That hurts the worse. The people can look scary in those gowns, but believe me, you'd wear one too if someone might to vomit on you! These no reason to be scared, but it's totally ok to be nervous. It's a new situation, and you feel as though you don't have control. But the drugs really will take away all you fears and anxiety. Sometimes you'll say silly things to those people in gowns, so if you wake up and everyone is laughing, just ask them what you said. Good Luck!

avon calling
The first time I was put to sleep I really didn"t think they could do it.lol. they did.No it's a peaceful sleep. It's like you go to sleep and the next thing you remember you're waking up.

i dont remember it so it cant be too bad just got sleepy real quick and woke up in recovery

Katie H
I've been put under a few times. Each time, I worry that I won't fall asleep or that I won't fully fall asleep (usually because I have a hard time falling asleep anyway). But every time, the Dr. would say "Ok, we're going to start counting back-" and I'm totally out. You will fall asleep instantly and you will have absolutely no control over it. I think it is usually dreamless sleep, so it just feels like you close your eyes for a second and suddenly you're awake and the procedure is already over and there's a nurse telling you to wake up. It's kinda weird, but everybody is really nice.

I've gone under a couple times for surgery. The first time, I was really nervous and one of the nurses was telling me a joke and the last thing I remember is laughing and then waking up in recovery. Another time, I just remember falling asleep to music. There was just the one nurse I could see, everyone else was off doing something else on the other side of the room. For me it just felt like I was going to sleep at nighttime but just a lot faster.

Make sure to tell your nurse as soon as you check in that you are nervous. They can give you something in your IV to calm you down. You will be wheeled into a very cold room, and placed on a table. The DR will start talking to you, letting you know what is going on...telling you he will give you some medicine to help you sleep, even before they put the mask on...or do anything...you will be OUT. The meds take effect that quick.

I've had many surgeries before and I can tell you, it's just like falling asleep. You lay there, your eyes get really heavy and so drowsy.

Most of the time, pretty(depends though!) nurses will be surrounding you with probably a male doctor, injecting you an anesthesia. Sometimes they'll ask you to answer while they call your name. Then by the time you notice you are awake, you are just leaving the surgery room to your bed or while later you arrive to your bed.

You might feel nausious due to feeling hungry(usually stop eating from the night before) or the anesthesia working too well before the surgery.

You are most likely to be feeling hungry and nausious after that. They may give you a glass of cold water if your condition is calming down and can drink. You are most likely to throw up lots of mucus or blood(you might've swallowed it during the surgery, it happened to me 3 times) but you'll be fine in few hours to 3 days.

I don't know what kind of surgery you are going to have but good luck and take care. I hope you'll recover from it fast and nicely!

I was sooooooo terrified of the thought. When the doctors said I could be awake or be put under General Anesthesia..my first thought was that I 'd rather be awake.

I was very nervous going into it, but they gave me a pill to relax me before I went into the office. Then I laid down on the table and then they applied the anesthesia which I closed my eyes for and then I fell asleep. I don't remember anything after that, except for them trying to get me to wake up.

I remember the first time I had surgery. I was freaking out about it too. They do ask you to start counting backwards. At some point almost as soon as you start counting, you never even know that you are out. Then, afterwards, about the time they are wheeling you into recovery, you start to realize that it's all over. I have had at least four laparascopic surgeries and I can't remember a single time that I saw a lot of gowned scary people in the room. When I had surgery, everybody was familiar and they talked to you before hand.

true blue
You don't even know what's happening. You start counting backwards from 100...99...98...97...and you're out. Don't worry. It's no big deal at all.

Falling asleep is pretty quick. It might feel a little like it is hard to breathe but trust that the doctors know what they are doing. This helps. Know that they do this sort of thing all the time and in seconds you are asleep and the next thing you know.. you are awake again. It seems like you are only asleep for a second. It feels like no time has passed. They will give you enough drugs that you won't get stressed. If you feel stressed, just tell them you are having anxiety and they can help you with that as well.

You can ask that they give you something for nausea with the anesthesia because it can make some people a little nauseated when they come out of it. It doesn't do it to everyone but it is good to know that if it happens they can give you something for it.

I hope your procedure goes well and don't worry about the anesthesia. It really is a piece of cake.

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