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How do you know if your child is using meth?
I found what I believe to be a receipe for meth and I would like to find out if it's the real deal before confronting him.

usually bad teeth they start rotting then theres twithcing heres a website that might help

does he stay awake long periods of time? Is he irritable, figety, unable to carry on a conversation? Also look for pupil dilation in his eyes. Look for paraphanalia in his room. This could include a pipe or tin foil and a lighter. Straws and syringes, spoons and cigarette filters could also be paraphanalia. good luck

concerned neighbor
He may be showing these symptoms: anxiety, nervousness, aggresiveness, moodiness, impaired speech, excessive talking, depression, disturbed sleep, acne, sores, loss of appetite, dry Skin and rotting teeth.

Fred M
mix up the recipe and send the finished product to me. I'll let you know if it is the real deal. J/K. I would confront him on it before he gets any ideas of turning your home into a toxic meth lab.

if your kid looks like the people in these pictures that a sure sign

Forget about waiting to confront him. Get him, kick the living S____ out of him, then beat the S____ of of him and then tell him now tell me everything and don't you F______ lie! Cut all money you give him, if he works take his money and put it aside, keep his @SS at home were he belongs if he can't be trusted and thats about it. Tell him that his @$$ is gona be on the street the next time he does anything like this and you'll see how fast hes gona learn!!!!! Hope that helped :-)

Amber K
He will be really fidgety

That guy that stands over there
his eyes are dialted, if he looks like he lost some weight, paranoid, stuff like that just confront him, but i warn u, these confrontations never end up good

Meth is not something to fool around with. If you honestly believe that your child may be using meth or other "hardcore" drugs, remember YOU ARE THE PARENT; don't hesitate to take him in for a drug test. I would try talking with him first, seeing what his reaction is. If you're not comfortable with how he reacts, take him for a test. It's sure to create some stress, however losing your son's life to meth is surely a greater cost.

The only real way of knowing is if they either tell you or you catch them.
If you had listed some of the ingredients i could tell you if it was a recipie for meth. But even then he/she could have been curious or who knows what reason.
One way you can tell is if theyve been up for a while. Usually more than a day, usually two or more. They may be overtalkative and having converstations that they normally wouldnt be having. You'll notice that they arent eating. You have almost no appetite on meth. They are moving around a lot, maybe super cleaning the house.
When they're coming down from it they usually will have the classic "cracked out" look. dark eyes, drained complexion.
This site might be helpful if its what youre looking for : http://www.theantidrug.com/ei/detailed_signs.asp
this could be helpful also http://www.helpforteens.net/

(Not so) angry Charlie
Look at his hands, usually using meth causes a discoloration on the finger tips.

Lack of sleep, droopy eyes, bloodshot eyes, smells like bleach, look at his nostrils, if its looks red and looks like they have been swollen; that is positive for doing it.
Look in his mouth, the molars (wisdom teeth) usually are darker color if he is using meth. Unexplainable weight loss, with out the exercise. His veins are showing out more than usual, short temper, look for needle entry points. Fingertip discoloration, fingernail discoloration.

you will know if your kid is always awake (for up to several days with one hit) with dilated pupils, too much energy, and/ or acting high.

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