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savannah c
How do you get rid of an ear infection without going to the doctor?

Additional Details
I have tubes in my ears

Pee in a cup and pour some of your own pee in your ear, i know it sounds nasty but it really does work.

You don't. Go to the doctor!

don't go swimming

Your body will eventually overcome the infection, BUT there is a very high risk for PERMANENT damage to your hearing if you let it go without antibiotics from your doctor!!!

Call your doctor, go in, get the pills and/or drops and USE them!

I have seen this happen in my own patients because they were too stubborn to go see a doctor. Please, please don't risk it...
Ed, RN

edit your question whats the infection there are several ways but I have to know where the infection is...my bad its an ear infection you could try pouring about a 1/2 cap of peroxide in it and let it sit about 2 minutes taks some asprin and a benedril you will feel better then if its not gone by tomorrow go to the doc

Try a drop of teatree oil. I usually use that and it works for me within an hour. Hope this helps :-)

wish I were
You usually don't! They can be VERY painful and I suggest getting the patient to a DR as soon as you can!

You don't.

Dont risk it... You're gonna be needing your ear in future too

at your service
You need antibiotics and you can't get those without prescription. Even if u are scared of Dr.s go and see one or there could be numerous complications.

You can get colloidal silver at your local health food store. It will help fight the infection. Lots of infections run their course, anyway. If you have a high fever I wouldn't mess with it and would go to a doctor, though.

These are several things that you can do to relieve the pain of an earache. Keep in mind that if the earache is caused by an infection, you will need antibiotics to clear that infection. Home care will only help with the pain, not the cause.

Apply heat to the ear to relieve the pain. Use a warm washcloth or a heating pad set on low. (Do not leave a child alone with a heating pad.)
Prop up your head when you sleep.
Take an over-the-counter pain Reliever such as Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, or Aspirin. (Do not give Aspirin to anyone under 18.)
Try an over-the-counter oral–nasal Decongestant (not an antihistamine) to dry up the fluid in the ear.
If the problem is due to water in the ear, these are a few things that you can try to dry it out.

Gently shake your head to expel water trapped in your ear after swimming or showering.
Use a hair dryer set on low to dry out the ear canal. Hold the dryer 10 to 12 inches away from the ear and aim the warm air into the ear canal.
Put 1 to 2 drops of rubbing alcohol into the ear to help the water evaporate.
If the ear pain is due to altitude changes, you might try one of these remedies:
Chew gum or simply swallow to relieve the pressure.
Keeping your mouth closed, pinch your nostrils shut and gently blow your nose.
Feed a bottle to an infant or a toddler during takeoff and descent to help prevent his or her ears from becoming clogged and painful.

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