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 Why do I have a noisy stomach even after I eat breakfast?
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 My 6 yr old nephew has constipation and then gets sudden daiharea. how do i know if he has worms?
I have doubt that he has worms in his stomach, what are the symptons of worms? he'll get constipated for days and then he gets sudden dhaiarea.
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i will take him to ...

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 Are hemroids cantagious?
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 I dont know whats wrong, I went to the Docs an got some ear medcine.?
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 I carve in my arm with...?
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 Is it normal to have a cold in the Summer?
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 For all u doctors out there, i need help with a diagnosis.?
i am having a problem swallowing food. it hurts alot when i have to swallow anything even fluids. my eyes are a little red, and everything hurts. what is this condition called? i need to know fast so ...

How do I know if my child has tapeworms?

Stool test , where apiece of warm or eggs is found is diagnostic.

depends on how old as to how to check. if they wear diapers change then in the dark and after you get it off make sure you are quick and shine a flash light on the anus you may be able to see them because they hate light you could also put tape across the anus and wait a few or as long as you child can wait then pull it off and see if any are their. but my best suggestion would be to go to your Dr:)

aisha b
tape worms,if your child is feeling pain in his tummy that make him vomit sometimes and his tummy is bigger than normal size there is the sign of these monster inside so consult a doctor and they will give medicine to kill this monster and hope he or she will be ok.

Take him to the doctor. They will probably take a stool specimen and check it.

Here is a good article you may be interested in:


Elizabeth L

Natalie M
well, you obviously already suspect it or you wouldn't be asking. And, I think that if you legitimately suspect it (ie--the child actually has the symptoms you've obviously already read online) then take them to the doctor and have the doctor tell you.

.:music makes world go round:.
if they are not pooping...a tapeworm eats all of the food in your stomach. You NEED to take the kid to a doctor it could become serious.

Rich Z
If the kid poops out long tapeworm segments that is the major clue.

Get a test done by a gastroenterologist. Tapeworms usually enter through cuts on your barefeet if you step on ground contaminated by tapeworm eggs.If your kid is not exposed in that way it is not very likely but it is worth a test for your peace of mind.

Zakk Wylde is my savior
well if his crap is moving on its own thats a pretty good sign...

You go to the Dr. and they will.

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