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How can you tell if a person is faking a seizure?

When you have a seizure a person generally is ridged and shaking and not breathing. Usually they pee on themselves. Seizure can be the full body or just half the body. Most people get very sleepy after a seizure. You can have small seizures where you see stars or lights and then get sleepy. Seizures can last a few seconds up to minutes. People who have seizures should no take tub baths. My friends son drowned while having a seizure in the tub. They should not drive. Most intelligent people do not fake seizures.

Redshift Agenda
Kick them in the side, or stab them with a fork in the hand. If they respond then you know they are faking. You could also monitor their breathing, typically it is irratic during a seizure, you know, if you don't want to hurt them.

i myself have epilepsy...if a person is having a grand Mal seizure, they will loose consciousness, they will convulse, sometimes not a lot, but they will. They (I am told by my mother and spouse) that they (I) make a horrible sound, kinda like a dying cat...how awful, sometimes they wet themselves, sometimes not.
It is really hard to fake a seizure...Whomever is doing this to you...if that is the case...needs to have their head examined...Seizures are nothing to make fun of and nothing to joke around about.

You can probably tell after. A grand mal seizure generally results in severe tongue biting, extreme fatigue, severe headache and nausea.

I think it would be something that is hard to fake. Don't seizures involve violent involuntary movements, and drooling?

painful stimulus, in a seizure there is no response to pain. Faking a seizure, you get a response.

good ?

i dont think anybody would fake a seizsure its very scary

You can't AGGHGHAHAAHSHH! AAARRGGGGGGGGHHH! FLOP! FLOP! GAGGGGGGGGGAGGHHHHH!!! See, I was totally faking. Couldn't tell could you?

That would be pretty funny

um yea hi
take them to the hospital. the doctors can tell. or if they are faking they may stop u before you call 911. but incase its real 911 it.

if it passes like nothing- people with seizures have to be re-oriented and sometimes bite their toungue, their eyes roll back, they get stiff,

outta sight
faking a seizure? for what gain? attention?

OMGosh- sicko ppl out there huh

Witchy Woman
When someone is seizing you are suppose to leave them alone and make sure they can't get hurt. After they have it, or fake it, take them to the hospital. If they're faking they will back down and tell you and you don't have to fall for it again.

In a phony society, if you're real, anything can be pinned. Look at some of the responses!

There are a couple of ways. First, anyone having an actual seizure almost always loses control of their bladder. Also, they will be very groggy and hard to rouse, and will sleep heavily for several hours afterward. Many people will foam at the mouth or drool, and their eyes may flick back and forth rapidly.

people who r having a seizure will pee themselves, if they r faking they tend to forget that...
or at least I have been told...not sure how true it is!

why in the world would someone do that?

LMAO, seriously you people are funny today! Why would someone do that?!

BOY is that a tough one. A friend of mine was mis-diagnosed a few years ago as NOT having seizures. But the readings were re-examined recently, and the new interpretation suggests that they are real seizures - but atypical.

(All I know is that I couldn't throw myself onto the ground and SMACK! my head on cement and be convincing.)

(If you are hanging around someone and aren't sure - when the drop, do they "drop" or does it look controlled? My friend, occassionally, would just totally fall, and get hurt.) That may not be "proof" but it sure looks convincing.

tickle them

Cute But Evil
I just want to respond to the people who gave smart a s s answers to this question....I have seizures and I find it really offensive that you say some of this ****...I have a really good Sense of humor but you people have never had a f u c k i n g seizure and you can't even begin to imagine how painful it is not to mention how bad the medications f u c k with your body....I would like to see some of you people go through it and see how you like it....you go into convulsions and fall down the stairs, bang into walls, forget how to dial a phone, piss on yourself, talk jibberish and then come out of it and be in a different room and be in massive amounts of muscle pain.....

I feel sorry you had to even ask this question....

dnt fink dat ny1 shud fake dat cz itz not funny bt dnt understand wat da person will get out of fakin seizure!!!

nick f
When they start laughing DUH!

Roger D
Easy, it's impossible to shake your body the same way as a real seizure and when it's a real seizure, the only thing a person whats to do after a seizure is to relax or sleep for a few hours. They also tend to have pain after a seizure. To be on the safe side, put them on there side { Recovery Position} and see how they react after...

Dr. Kat
Why would someone do that? That's just weird. Maybe you're next question should be about this person giving you reason to ask such a question!
But, if they don't drool, eyes roll back in the head, become motionless, things like that would indicate.

you can tell on how they are having a seizure, I have seizures and if when they are having one they are breathing or they are well carfull not to hit their head on the ground, when you are having a real seizure you can not control any part of your body. you can also tell when they have super human strength, meaning when I had my first grand mal (biggest seizure you can have) i threw my husband and my dad off of me. both are pretty big guys, I am onlt 5'5 140 lb. everyone is different. ummm I dont know of anything else oh if they go to the hospital they can do a test on your boold apperentally when you have one it realese some type of chemical into your blood streem if thats not there then they didnt have a seizure.

It's the look on their face. If it's curling into a smile, of course it's fake. But if it's a serious face that you barely ever see, you can tell it's fake. It's hard to explain.

jules vane
Set them on fire, if they react to the fire and forget about the seizure, they are faking!

why would anyone do that?

Drop their hand over their face. If they are faking they won't hit themselves. Seriously

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