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 What do i have? sick please help?
my head hurts on the top really bad...i have a fever ranging from 100 to 102...i feel really ...

 Can you help? My husband has been unwell for a few days and has got a bloated tummy and keeps belching he?
feels unwell in himself has not been sick or upset tummy we cant have a doctors appointment till Tuesday but have spoken to a doctor on the phone she has given him a anti acid but its not working he ...

 Anxiety/Panic Attacks?
I'm used to be a perfectly normal person, but now my heart races constantly, I get dizzy and can't think, I have difficultly breathing, I shake and get sudden chills. I seriously fell like ...

 Best cure for stomach flu?
Please give me your best home remedies


 What would you do if you have a disease and they cant give you a 100% answer to what caused it?
Think of some? Heres One Aplastic Anemia. I dont want to click on some lame web site!...

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I want to buy some but which ones are better or they are all the same?...

 I feel extremely unhappy with how my life is...?
I don't know where to begin as to how to change it... I feel like I am in a complete rut, and things just never go my way. I have no one to talk to about my problems and i feel so lost. I ...

 How many times you go to the bathroom in 1 hour?
I don't know but I 'm really tired og going to the bathroom couple of times per hour. I drink about 6 cups of water a day. I don't know what it urges me to go to the bathroom so ...

 Thyroid Problem.?
Can anyone tell me the symptoms and causes of an over active Thyroid Gland? Thanks....

 Pain in sholder?

 I feel so stupid, but here goes...?
I'm a 26 yr old female in good health. Had a blood test in March that was normal (just borderline anemic but I dont eat red meat). Lately though, I've had this pain in my bones, and have ...

 Is it true that chris brown has either hiv/aids or/ herpes?

 How do u cure a bad hangover?

 My left cheek (near my nose) feels bruised to the touch...?
...Could I be getting a sinus infection?
Additional Details
It is beginning to throb even though I am not touching it right now...not severe pain, but a dull ache....

 My Big Toe on my right foot feels numb, i can feel it, but it's half numb, What does this mean?
It's been numb for a few months - nothing specifically happened that i can attribute it to, but im V worried, i'm a 23 year old smoker. Could this be bad circulation?...

 Do you think these pains could be lupus?
I have pains in my knees, fingers and elbows which give me great discomfort. I also have an under-acative thyroid which leaves me feeling very tired and drained. I work in a kitchen so am on my ...

 Has anyone heard of crones disease?
I'm not sure if that is the correct spelling. I lately have heard of a few people who have had it and I'm not sure what it is or it's symptoms. I'd appreciate any feedback on ...

 Quick cold remedy?
I've arranged a night out for some workmates tonight, and I've woke up with a stinking cold, sore throat and cough! How can I make myself feel well enough to go out tonight? I don't ...

 What are the health risks involved in drinking soda from its can?

 I bled after having a bowl movement, why?
I have had hemmoriods in the past, but I don't think that it flared up again, today after i had bm, i noticed some blood clots, what's going on? what could it be? I didn't eat anything ...

Hey does keeping an onion under ur arm pits makes u get fever????????????????????...
plz...... help me..... i need to get a high fever within 3 days n m not sure if this trick works..... if it wont plz suggest an easier way to fall very ill...... n it shoud be real..... cos my college parents meeting is coming up n i don wanna get screwed up on that day so plz help me..... plz plz plz....

jump in front of a moving vehicle

I have heard that by keeping an Onion uder your armpit increases your body temp... but I think if you remove it, then the body temp will be normal very soon......

What do you mean you dont wanna get screwed up on that day? What kinda meeting is it? have u been skipping class or something that you dont want your parents know?????

Dona Anya
Onions help reduce stagnation in whatever area you place them in, so they're wonderful for reducing swelling from bruises. If you placed them under your armpits, you could encourage lymph node drainage from the area (not a bad idea for boils I imagine, though castor Oil would be much better for that).

If you eat it raw in bread, you can encourage sweating *reducing* a fever from a head cold.

In short, no, it won't cause a fever, it's anti-inflammatory. Sorry, I'd never ever teach anyone *how* get sick! Try focusing instead on visualzation - the situation may look grim now, but imagine some positive outcomes happening from it. Everything in this wolrd happens for a reason.

Good luck to you!l

thought you were going to college to learn how to deal with life....if you cant make it through something this simple you might as well drop out now

I can't believe this question has the word college in it. Something doesn't smell right. Hey, thanks for the 2 points.

NO!!! It won't cause a fever, but it will make you smell like HELL! You need to grow up little girl, if you're afraid of a meeting you don't deserve college!

dont get seriously ill.just eat plenty of fruit and some constipation tabs,you wont be able to leave the house for 2 days.

That sounds stupid. You should try it.

You are paying for college to fake being sick?! Wow! I am simply amazed.

I busted my butt to get through college with a autoimmune clotting disorder that had me in and out of the hospital and left me with $30G in college bills. I guess that meant I wanted to be there.

If you don't want to be there...just drop out. Oy!

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