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Help i have ''shy bladder'' and cant pee please help!!!!!!!!!1?
im at my friends house for the night and i can usualy pee there but on occasion i cant and right now i cant pee and really need to ive been trying to pee for the last half hour but still cant and my bladder is the size of a medium size pine apple. im really worried my bladder is going to burst help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Try listening to running water or stick your hand in warm water.

LMAO..... reread what you just asked an it will make you laugh so hard you'll pee all over yourself ha ha ha good one

spank it

Yeah right. Nice use of your points.

Chris E
your bladder will not burst. relax. everybody pees

Is this a JOke???

Kylee D
Why are most all of your questions about pissing?

think of your crush..or you performing on stage in front of billions of people...or you being real thirsty in the middle of the dessert

Make an appointment with you PCP ASAP, this could be the sing of a much larger problem.

1) Go outside.
2) Go home.
3) Go to a bathroom away from everybody else.
4) Don't worry about it - your body's natural instincts will take over. You'll pee before you pop.

Run the bath tap

all you need is l♥ve
calm down first of all. second of all i think you should try going to the bathroom again and if that doesn't work then maybe u should tell ur friend and even though it would be embarrasing...its probably better than something going wrong.

uhh go to the hospital.. that really is not good..

Your bladder won't burst, but you may give yourself a good bladder infection.
I would start with a Urologist and make sure that you don't have anything physical going on that would cause this.
Then, if nothing is physically wrong, I would talk with a mental health care provider and see what is at the root of this.
This is a very common problem, and very easily taken care of. Good luck

Go to the doctor, you may have a bladder infection.

I get that all the time. Just relax. Don't think about it what ever you do it makes it worse. I think it is caused by stress. Jst read a book or something relax because your bladder is controlled by muscles and muscles have to be relaxed. Also turning on the water or have your friend tell you funny jokes and just keeping your mind off of it. And i doubt your ballder is going to burst :) you are fine just relax

you should go to the hospital have you ever been fer that before? you should really go NOW you could die ya know so call ur parents or w/e and go.

I have that same problem (the medical term for it is paruresis), and I know how frantic you can feel in situations like that. Does your friend know about your problem? If they do, let them know what's going on and if there's anything they can do to help the situation (go father away, watch TV really loudly, etc.). If they don't know about it, tell them (I know it seems hard to do that, but people are often more understanding than you think) so you can get proper accommodation now and in the future. If your friend gives you enough space and you still can't go after a long time, try a different bathroom in their house (strengely, sometimes doing that can make all the difference), or see if you can go home to pee. What you don't want to do is wait too long and have urine retention (when your bladder gets too full, its muscles don't work, and you can't pee no matter what); if that happens, the only way to pee is to go to the hospital and be catheterized- sounds nasty, but it happens to people more often than you think.
Later on, once you're out of this situation, start working on recovering from your paruresis. This is usually done with graduated exposure (practicing going in bathrooms with varying degrees of noise and privacy until you feel more comfortable with them- you can even do this at home with the help of a "pee buddy").It also recommended that you see a urologist to eliminate any underlying physical problems and, if you want, learn self-catheterization, which can help you in situations like this and can also be useful if you travel a lot or ever have to do urine drug tests.
I would also recommend going to paruresis.org and joining the forum there; there are lots of people there who understand what you're going through and want to help you. It's the perfect place to discuss experiences and learn about techniques to use in situations like the one at your friend's house.
Good luck in overcoming this problem; you don't deserve to suffer any more than you already have. If you have any more questions about this or want to talk to someone, feel free to email or IM me anytime.

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