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Help!!! Cant get rid of hiccups!!!?
I cant get rid of my hiccups! what do i do?????

Connor B
you've gotta laugh at this one XD
Try watching the ring a couple times, scare em out of you?

thinnk what would lokez do if she had the hicups

breathe in for about ten second like 3 times..
or ..have a drink ..hope u get rid of them lol =]

Chugging milk has always helped me w/ them. Chug a full glass. As far as I know hiccups are just an air pocket in the stomach. So by putting fluids there it pushes the air out, in turn curring the hiccups. Just personal theory, nothing medical.

Here are the things I do-
First, I hold my breath for a long time. Usually this works. I try it about 3 times. If that doesent work, I eat a spoonfull of sugar. This is GUARANTEED to work every time, I dont know what it is! Just swallow the sugar and BAM. :) Hope I helped! Hiccups are annoying.

Try drinking from a cup from the other side bent over...works for me every time.

drink a drink up side down this really does help! good luck Lol

jackie r
Hold ur beath for however long you can or get something to scare u

i eat a banana and it works for me!

drink some water
hold your breath 4 a long time

just me
This is guaranteed to work... you might need a helper.
get a glass of water ready. block your ears and nose, breath out all your breath and take drink, swallow and hold your breath as long as you can. it works every time for me.

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