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IBS (or Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

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For a dying, unresponsive person, can they still hear??

From my experiance being a Nurse in a nursing home. I believe that yes they can hear you.

Maybe they can, maybe they can't. Who knows? It depends. Some can, some can't. But do try to converse with them. What the heck, they may be able to hear you. That would be nice.

But, I would hope you would say somthing nice and pleasing for the comotose to hear. Don't try to upset him/her in any way. That would be rude.

Wow - that question brings back memories. My Dad had a heart attack in 2000. He went into a coma, and never recovered. I talked to him and sang to him the entire time that he was in ICU. I think they can hear - but that's just me.

Some can, some can't.

I believe people who are dying can hear not only that I also believe that they are aware that they are dying. I believe this from experience...

"Hear" in a way that you do? Possibly not. But they hear and feel your presence. I believe they know someone is there. Just send good thoughts. They will return them from the other side!

the probably can but cant respond

It depends on the way their brain works. If they r in coma, no, they cannot hear, but in some cases when the brain can still recieve responses from the ear, they can hear.

I worked with cancer patients for many years and always believed that my patients knew what people were saying round about them.
I also know of many stories where dying people waited for a specific person to arrive at their bedside before they slipped away.
I also can tell you one lady with enormous spirit who did not want her daughter to see her like she was. When she became unconscious there was a time where she had been perfectly stable and the daughter asked if she had time to pop home for a change of clothes and I said that I could not advise (I never ever thought that was fair to do that). No sooner had the daughter left the ward, the lady passed away and I had to send someone to go and find her.
So yes, I wholeheartedly believe that a person in this state can hear you.......Talk to them, tell them anything that you would if they were awake and don't forget to say that you love them too.


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