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Feces why does it smell so bad!?
Ps... This is my first question and my girlfirends brother told me to ask this pretty much... but not as technical language lol

armed and dangerous
cuz it comes out of yourass

I think it smells from the food you eat, it also depends on your stomachs way of reacting.....also it might be the acid giving of the smell.....!
hope this helps

mike h
Mine smells like roses, guess I'm the only one... could it be from all the febreze enemas?

P.S. Great first question, you will be defined by this for the rest of your time here.

Because its a product of rotten meat and whatever else you have eaten.

It depends on what you eat. more green veggies and meat the more potent the smell..

hope this helps!

could be food intolerance I know when my son has eaten milk products, I have to hold my breath if I go in the bathroom after him, He is lactose intolerant. THis is awaste product so is bound to smell bad jut like the rubbish you put in the bin .but if it is overpowering there could be a reason for it .Alcohol is usually a good culprit but not if it is all the time

tell me about it! poo should come out a lovely purple colour and smell like roses

because it's chock full of poopy smell.

I think its something to do with with what you eat. I ingest different stuff than the rest of my family and I drink alcohol. My poop stinks and no one can use the toilet after I've used it.

Feces are waste products of digestion that are eliminated by the body thru the large colon.

Air-swallowing produces belches and burps. Gas at the other end is another worry. When the normal billions of bacteria- these are called intestinal flora/ plant life of the colon which adds health to the intestines and the whole body. -- that live in the large intestines "eat" certain foods (such as the polysaccharides in beans), the byproduct of the bacteria's own digestive process is gas.

While the colon absorbs some of this gas, some goes up and accounts for bad breath, and the rest of the gas is expelled as flatus. The odorous gas is a combination of methane and hydrogen and bile. Bile accounts for the color of the stools which is brown or stertorrhea. .

The two main healthful bacteria (probiotics) in the colon are lactobacilli and Bifidus bacteria. They live symbiotically in the colon, meaning in a mutual give-and- take relationship. These bugs give good stuff to the body in return for a warm place to live. The healthy bacteria keep the harmful bacteria in check.

They also ferment the soluble Fiber in food, forming short-chain fatty acids (SCFA's), which nourish the cells of the large intestine, stimulating healing and reducing the development of intestinal cancer. SCFA's are also absorbed from the intestines and travel to the liver where they decrease the liver's production of cholesterol. In addition, SCFA's inhibit the growth of yeast and disease- causing bacteria.

Most of the gas you hear, feel, or smell is a result of the intestinal bacteria digesting the sugars and fiber that manage to reach the large intestine. Since these bacteria love starch, the prime gas producers are polysaccharides in starchy foods, such as beans, brussel sprouts, prune juice, and just about every type of grain, except rice, which seems to be the most socially-acceptable starch. Galactose from milk and the soluble Fiber pectin are also favorite foods of the resident bacteria.

How much gas is produced by what foods is very individual. To put your large intestine on emission control, keep your own food-gas diary and adjust your diet accordingly. Most of the time the volume of food you eat is more at fault than the type of food.

Overwhelming the intestines with more starch than they can absorb sets you up for unwanted blasts.

The two places always receiving more fats are the liver and the fat cells. So the ferry boats either deposit the excess fat around the waist, the hips, or wherever, or transport the extra fat into the liver where it is dissolved by bile and excreted out into the intestines as waste

By the time, chyme, or digested food, completes its 20-foot- long, ten-hour journey through the small intestines, most of the nutrients have been absorbed. The leftovers enter the final five feet of the journey, called the large intestine, or colon.

Little digestion occurs in the colon, since it has few villi and low levels of intestinal enzymes. Food processing in the colon is often described as the calm after the storm.

Yet the colon is not just a passive waste collector and eliminator. It plays an active and important role in the health and well-being of the whole body, accounting for the phrase, "Your body is only as healthy as your colon."

The first vital function of the colon is to regulate the body's water balance. As the waste from the food passes through the lower part of the intestines (called the jejunum) and enters the colon, the colon absorbs excess water from the food and furnishes it to the water-thirsty body.

If, however, the waste matter lacks water, the colon fills the stool with water to prevent constipation. Healthy water balance in the colon leads to healthy stool patterns. An impt fact,- it's better to have several smaller, soft (but not diarrhea) stools a day rather than the usual American pattern of one huge bowel movement once a day or every other day. Passage of 4 to 6 soft bowel movements a day suggests that your colon is in biochemical balance.

Interesting question and a trivia. Good initial question. Welcome to YA. Hope, you acknowledge my thorough reply.

dels replies
Methane gas which is created during digestion and the chemical effect of body enzymes and bacteria on the digested food accumulating in your bowel awaiting evacuation. Who determines it smells bad? Sometimes it smells rich and fruity. No I think we associate the thought of excrement not being very nice and therefore any odour associated with it would not be very nice also.Your diet can affect the odour also the colour and degree of hardness of your stools. There are a lot of variables at play.

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