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Damnit, yeah, i meant CANKER, LOL....

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am 14 and am always sad and am losseing wight fast

am never like this i just start feeling like this 2 mounths ago i thinked about death and stuff..noo i didnt tell my parents

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Fatty lump on the small of my back at the end of my tailbone?
I have had this lump at the small of my back for years, I never put much thought into it until someone asked me what I had in my jeans!! It has gotten larger over the years, at first I just thought of it as back fat but when it started getting bigger as I lost weight and got to my ideal weight, now I worry. Plus it is an eye sore. Now this fatty lump is like the size of a grapefruit. It causes no pain, I guess that is why I always overlooked it? Does anyone know what this is or could be? I am going to get my doctor to look at it, but just wanted to research & get input until then. Surely its not spina bifida occulta is it?

if it's grown recently, visit an urgent care or your doctor.

Eeegh I'm Single Again
This isn't a cyst most likely. The poster said she had it for years. Everyone has a little fatty spot at the tailbone. Some people even have a tail. In fact we all have a tail but as we develop it diminishes in most cases. The little fatty part is what is left. You said you lost a lot of weight yours may be more defined based on your weight. If you have no pain and no brusing the worse it may be is a Lipoma (fatty tumor) common in plus size people. Have a doctor check it out. They may biopsy it (ouch) but you will have peace of mind. PS I have the same thing too, it was more noticeable when I was bone thin.

Momma Of Mia
Go see a doctor

you're a bit old for spina bifida...it would have shown up when you were born..and it's not a lump, it's a hole that didn't close in the spinal collum.

Sometimes fatty lumps are just that...fatty lumps...they can take them off/out without much problem...

It could be a pilonidal cyst - a wad of hair that has grown for years and spiraled around itself. These don't normally bother people unless they get very large or become infected. Then they are painful and will drain pus and other fluid.

It's something that typically must be surgically removed.

Sounds like a cyst or some fatty growth deposit. You should see a doctor to have it removed . it's no big deal , my friend had one too. just get it removed.

FL Girl
It could be several things. Your doctor will be the best one to tell you what it is.

Wise Old Man
I developed a cyst on the bottom of my tailbone, doctor's called it a pilonoidal cyst. I did suffer pain in it when I sat down though. They drained it and put in a tube to keep it drained, and it has never come back.

I would bet that you have a pilonidal cyst if it is right at the end of your tailbone. It could also be a lipoma (a cyst filled with fat). Neither one is cancerous. It could, as you mentioned also be spina bifida occulta, but that is usually present at birth, and your mom would have noticed it long ago. It's easy enough to remove with surgery. Since it has gotten larger lately I would strongly advise you to see a doctor. If it's large enough to be noticed by others you really need to do this soon. Good luck.

i have had the same thig and now i might have cancer. so i would say that you need to go to the doctor.

it's a cyst and you need to have it cleaned out. spinal infections are never good. this is not all that uncommon, what is strange is that no Doctor ever noticed it and removed it. They can be a little dangerous. Please go see your Doc.

The mom
It is possible, although without being able to see the lump in question it's not really even guessable. Spina bifida occulta is usually accompanied by a dimple in the skin in the near vicinity of the lump. More than likely what you have is a cyst, possibly pilonidal- although those are usually lower and more painful. Either way, they are both correctable. If it is spina bifida oculta, a neurosurgeon will remove the lump and repair the defect. A general surgeon can take care of the cyst. Though neither surgery is particularly pleasant to have, neither are really life threatening either. When you were born, you would have been checked by a pediatrician for spina bifida, and your mom could tell you if you had a dimple on your tail end as a baby. You could still have a spina bifida oculta go undetected, since it hasn't given you any problems, and they estimate between 5 and 10% of the population do. Either scenario is possible, and correctable. Relax until you see the doctor and don't go looking for zebras just because you hear hoofbeats. Unless you live in Africa, it's more than likely a horse.

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