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Failing Liver? How long to live?
My dad's liver is failing. He went to the restroom the other day, and peed blood. He is a chronic smoker and a severe alcoholic. He hasn't been to the doctor in years, and is in very poor health.

How much longer do you think he has to live? Thanks.

that's so sad! =[ ikno its not good

rocky's here
Chronic smoker! Severe alcoholic! Poor health! No doctor care! And now peeing blood......I am not trying to be mean but, I wouldn't call this kind of self abuse, living? You can only try to get him to see a doctor. The choice is still his. I hope you have someone giving you support at this time.

cant u do a transplant or somthing wer in the new years not 1960 theres always away

tell him to get to the doctor

Take him to a doctor so he can find out exactly what his status is. At this point, neither he nor you know he actually is in liver failure or in what stage. Given what little hardcore information you've been able to provide, a prognosis is out of the question.

how do you know his liver is failing? take him to the doctor

Take him to the Doctor! Blood in the urine is usually a sign of Kidney or urinary Tract problems. How do you know it is his liver? Is he vomiting blood? Only a medical test can determine the extent of the damage and how long he may survive. He needs professional assistance!

I don't have an answer to the question you asked, but since so many people responded with "Just get his butt to a doctor", I wanted to reply because that response must be very frustrating if you know he won't do it. Short of shooting them with a tranquilizer dart, you just can't get some people to a doctor.

I almost lost my dad the same way. He was vomiting fecal matter and still wouldn't go to a doctor. The only way we got him to go was to suggest they could give him something for the nausea. Once there, they did emergency surgery and it turned out his appendix had ruptured and he was nearly dead. I'm grateful to say, he's still with us. I told this story to point out that even if you can't get him to go for proper care, there may be a way to convince him to go for another reason, like relief of symptoms. Try different angles with him. That's what saved my dad's life. Best of luck.

I'm so sorry! Go to the doctor ASAP! They will probably know. God bless you and your father!

Dave C
The doctor will tell him how long he has.

Unless he's seen a doctor, you can't be sure of anything. He could just have a urinary Tract infection.

I wish your father all the best...

McKenzie S
He NEEDS to see the doctor! Older people are just so stubborn, I just dont get them! My grandfather died because he refused to see the doctor, and the disease was very curable, but by the time they went to the doctor, it was too late. Please, just see a doctor!

no duh!
not long, of you don't get a transplant.

If you dad hasn't been to the doctors in years, how do you it is in fact his liver failing? It could be kidneys, prostate, etc. Please clarify your question. Does he have hepatitis? Lupus? Any other Autoimmune diseases? Is he on the liver transplant list?

Sorry to hear about that. Try your best to get him to quit smoking and drinking and he will have a lot longer...dont know what the life expectancy is though.

Tell him your going out to lunch and instead take him to the doctor. Anything to get him to a pro!

Good luck!

I'm sorry..but not much longer.

god bless him and
go to a doctor ... to find out
because it can depend on his
condition of the liver and also
all the blood vessels can effect

Metal&&Ink Freak<3
Im not sure how long
i am very sorry to hear that
my mother was an alcoholic
and her liver failed too
im not sure how long she lived
with her liver like that

serene e
I'm sorry for your father but there's probably not a definite answer.
Has he been to the doctor? How do you know his liver is failing if he hasn't been?
Since he's a severe alcoholic, he probably won't last not long.
That's always been his choice.

depends on well he does on dialesis.

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