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Mary D
Does blood come out of a baby's mouth when it dies of SIDS?
My baby died on April 26th 2006. They think it was SIDS. She had blood coming out of her mouth. I want to know if that is normal. But no one can tell me anything.

SIDS is just a catch-all term they throw out when they don't know what killed your baby. I bet it was snakes.

Sasha D

Try this it may help answer your question. Sorry about your baby.

No that is not normal, i hope an autopsy was done. This is not SDIS.

I dont think so... I never encountered or even read about blood coming out of the mouth of infants dying because of SIDS. Not in my 4 years of nursing...or even when studying for licensure examination in the U.S... SIDS usually results when the child is placed on prone position or sleeping on his abdomen.. this is not advisable.

I don't know.Do you have an autopsy??You should, so you can be at peace as have your question answered. I feel sorry for your loss. Please accept my condolences.

Sudoku Player
I don't think thats normal. SIDS is suffication.

blood would mean that something ruptured from within. Sids stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome...NO one knows why the baby dies though. If your baby died of Sids it would not be bleeding. It could however be a combination of the rupture and Sids...but only an optospy will tell for sure. I'm so sorry you must be devasted.

i hope i never find out

My cousin's baby died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome a few years ago also, she said that when she was giving her baby mouth to mouth blood started coming out of her nose, and wouldn't stop. I bet the blood would have come out of her mouth if she hadn't have been giving her mouth to mouth. By the way, I'm sorry for your lose.

Katie Girl
I am sorry to hear about your loss. I do not think that is normal, did you ask your pediatrician? He should tell you. Did you have an autopsy, you should demand one you have the right. Good luck to you I hope you find the answer.

Im not sure if it is or not I had a son to pass with SIDS two years ago and there was no sign of blood...I'm sorry about your lost and girl I know what your going through and they are not going to tell you anything b/c I tried and tried to get them to release info about my baby and about a year later I finally got some answer but you have to stay on the police dept and other offices that help with the case to get any answers but keep your head up b/c the Lord will see you through this...and I know it's hard b/c it was hard for me and I still have my good and bad days with it and beleive me you will always have a special place for you baby....

playne j
Sids by definition means we have no clue after an autopsy why this child is dead. and sometimes when organs shut down it does cause some blood in the nose and mouth also suffucation causes bleeding from nose and mouth but at autopsy they cannot tell the differace between suffucation and sids was your baby face down or covered up ? im sorry for your loss i would call county coroner and ask

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