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Does Coca Cola really help stomach problems?
I have been having some diarrhea over the past 2 hours. Tums has helped but not completely gotten rid of it. Will drinking coca cola actually help my problem?

The carbonation in Pepsi usually helps upset stomaches, and saltine crackers. But you have to sip it so it can "calm" down your stomach. If you're vommiting, then drink Gatorade to replace the water so you want get dehydrated.

i heard somewhere the acid in coke makes ur food dissolve or w.e so it should but im not sure.

Sodas high in acid always tend to tame that upset stomach, its a classic remedy and it has worked for me! and you could try coke but there are other acid filled pops out there with the same affect like

Mountain Dew

i derno about dat, but i kno 7up helps better.

Adult Toy Parties By Emily
My husband swears that regular Coke, at room temperature, stops his diarrhea and vomiting. I have run this one by my primary doctor, and he says actually any soda can help. It's the carbonation that helps calm your stomach acids, (doesnt' work for everyone!) so it's not specific to just Coca Cola.

no way go have some 7up instead or sprite it will calm ur stomach

Eric C
... try Immodium.

I've never heard of coca-cola helping with THAT particular problem.

No it doesnt

eww.....well thats what i heard but never actually tried it.all i kno is that u need alot of sweet stuff

Nope, Coca Cola is used for treating nausea. You would be better off taking Immodium.

Amy V
ummm no, if anything it will only make problems for your stomach. It may not have any affect on the diarrhea, but the acids in the Coca Cola can reak havoc on your digestive system. This soda is so acidic that I have literally clean the corrosion off my car battery with it. ...no kidding...

I would stay away from the stuff, instead drink plenty of water to help replace the water lost while going to the restroom. If it is seriously problematic, there are over the counter anti-diarrheal meds (both pill and liquid form).

teddi p
hahahahahaha,coke is great for cleaning chrome and rust.go figure...........


Imodium tablets or a bulking agent in liquid form for diarrhea.

Coke is good for stomach upsets and trapped wind.


Sabrina Devareoux
nope. coca cola gives me diarrhea

it helps with a gut ache

It might -- but probably no more than 7-up would. The Coca-Cola 'remedy' was from a long time ago when people got the Coca-Cola syrup alone at the pharmacy and took a couple of teaspoons for a 'belly-ache'. I believe the reason it worked back in the day is that it really had Cocaine in it! So all these years later, people think that Coca-Cola (the soda) is magical...I think that's a myth now...

A small amount of 'cola syrup' can sooth an ailing tummy. You don't need much. This is an old home remedy. It can be obtained from www.vermontcountrystore.com

I drink coke everyday so I wouldn't know

ginger ale (room temperature) is better

First of all Tums is just for an upset stomach not for when you have diarhea also. That will never stop it, you need Immodium AD or an equivalent store brand. Don't use Peptobismal. I would only use the Immodium if you have to go out of the house, otherwise let whatevers in your system out of you. Then when you are starting to feel better, drink some warm, room temperature Coca Cola for your stomach.

No coca Cola dose not help with the diarrhea to stop it get your Daily Vitamins and u might want to drink Ginger ale, or sprite for the are good for stomach problems

You've had diarrhea for two hours...two hours? You must be a guy to be so worried about two hours worth of diarrhea. A doctor will tell you not to worry about it unless you've had well over 12 movements per day for over 2 days (not hours) in a row. And they have to be super runny, watery, mucousy each time.

But back to your question, cola is to help with nausea (preferably a flat pop and room temperature)

For diarrhea (or your case "the squirts") bananas, yogurt, cheese (especially string cheese) will help stop it.

I think you need to let it run its course. Your body is trying to get rid of something, give it the rest of the evening to clear itself up.

No Coca Cola is an acid it will help give you an ulcer.. Take some pepto-bismol...

Eat an apple, chew it more than usual, making each bite mush. That'll help firm you up.
For babies, the "BRAT" diet is used:
Rice (white)
Toast (plain)
Best wishes.

I dont know..I've never heard coca-cola helps stomach problems, but I have heard that sprite/7-up settles an upset stomach. I usually drink sprite when my stomach hurts, and it helps

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