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Can you go back too work if you suffer with vertigo?

not if you have to take a cablecar or glass lift to get to work.

Vertigo would make most jobs dangerous, and driving to work would definitely be a big risk.

not if you're a window cleaner....

it would depend on medical recommendations and the type of work involved. Some employers might be reluctnt for you to return in case there was an accident of some kind that was attributed to the vertigo & that their insurance might not cover such an incident

yeah just keep your feet on the ground...unlike your head which is in the clouds

If you're a lumberjack I'd have to say no, but if you can manage day to day things with vertigo then you should be able to go back to work without any major difficulty, but as always with health questions, speak to your gp, this site cannot be trusted for medical advice.

i had vertigo my Dr just gave me adavant

depends on exactly what is causing your vertigo and the nature of your work.if it has been going on for longer than a week i would advise you to see your g.p and he will be able to prescribe a drug to suppress you balance system or may decide to refer you to an ENT specialist to get to the root of the problem
I work as an audiologist and come across lots of people every day who have problems with dizziness and vertigo and there are many causes for these symptoms .

yes you can so long as you don't wish to go up the corporate ladder because you will just get scared and fall down again :)

angela n
my boyfriend suffers from it and hes never any problems working. but he doesnt get too many attacks

why on earth would you be off work because of it?

Without even giving any details of what you do for work it not easy to answer, how long have you had the condition? How often do you get attacks? What brings them on?

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