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Can we get aids by doing acupuncture?
can we get aids by using the same needles that has been used?wat is the risk

Sincere Questioner
It is possible if the needles are not new. Any reputable acupuncturist nowadays will use disposable needles.

ash 7
as far as i know, needles are of one-time usage. that is, it comes in a sealed packet. acpuncture masters will tear off one, use and dispose them.

acupuncturist uses only sterilised needles which is only used once. and the needles are damn cheap. you can sue any doc who reuses them.

No, not if you are going to a professional acupunturist and please do not go to someone that doesn't know what they are doing, it could be dangerous. A professional uses only new needles that are individually wrapped.

Now, for your second question, yes, you can get it from used needles.

fairly smart
Just make sure the needles are clean...I think aids is a blood bourne disease, but other tissues may harbor it as well.
ASK, it may save your life!

ann m
yes,bacause the neddle is not sterile we dont know that the person who inserted dont have a disease,,what if the the person who inserted have a aids too.then its inserted too you its transmit to you..

lyndell v
I have acupuncture and they use new needles every time.

Yes, you can get AIDS if the acupunturist uses a needle in someone with AIDS and then uses the same needle on you without intervening sterilization, but that seems quite unlikely. In fact, I think it would be a form of premeditated murder. I think they use new, fresh needles on each patient or the DA and the state acupuncture board throws the book at them.

Melissa :)
I would assume so. Make sure you are using someone who follows the proper sterilization techniques.

using the same needles that has been used by an HIV infected person, yes, you can get infected, although i don't think the risk is as high as sharing injection needles since accupuncture don't involve blood.

MaSTer Z
infected blood travels through needles
take care

The needles are not/should not be reused.
I've never known an acupuncturist to reuse them. They are discarded.

Simon Y
you have to ask the acupuncturist proof of sanitation/ disinfection of needles. All they need to do is heat the needle with fire and all virus / bacteria will die. ( a process called inoculation)

If you are concerned, ask them to use new needles and pay extra for caution

I believe according to my understanding of biology, any virus cannot survive in air for more than seconds. It must replicated itself by attaching itself to a bioligical cell and then duplicate its DNA thorugh the mRNA within in the cell's body. This is why
AIDS can only transmit through human body fluid direct contact because the fluids contains biological cells with virus attached. once its comes on contact with other biological cells , the virus then attach itself to the other cells and enters the cell to replicate itself.
Any person in the medical field and microbiology field will agree with me on this one. I hope.

There is never supposed to be blood drawn if it is done correctly and the needles are always either new or sterilized in a special machine that uses ultraviolet light and heat to clean them. But... you never can tell the health and safety practices of a person until you actually use them because (I believe, not sure) it is illegal to observe medical procedure unless you are a student???

Getting AIDS is a hell of a way to find out that a practitioner wasn't up to par and the health benefits are not worth that kind of risk. It used to be a cool thing to do but I wouldn't in this day and age. There are 4000 new AIDS cases every year. I do not know of even one that can be directly attributed to either tattoo needles or acupuncture needles but it is like eating sushi... It is good but you can always get parasites. Some people take more chances in life than others... It is up to you!

No reputable acupuncturist would reuse needles.

Theoretically it is possible - but I don't believe there are any official cases of HIV transmission via accupuncture. However, there are documented cases of infection via tatoo needles.

I would say the risk is miniscule. Just ensure the accupuncturist sterilizes his equipment thoroughly and you will be safe. Ensure it...

Any invasive procedure that exposes you to blood is putting you at risk from contracting blood borne diseases like aids and hepatitis B, Hep c, etc. Even with acupuncture it is advisable to use sterile needles of once use only and should only be done by a qualified practitioner.

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