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 I dont know if AA is right for me- what is it like?
okay so my husband and i have decided i should go to some meeting of some sort--- but AA seems faith based.... and were not really into that... are there any other options?...

 Any doctors out there keep getting colds?
does anybody know the reason i get colds alot more than others about every 2 months, i consider myself fit have a decent varied diet whether this matters i don't know but its starting to piss me ...

 Can a lisp be healed?

 What is your definition of an alcoholic?
How is this definition affected by whether or not you believe ...

 Does eating too much sugar cause diarrhoea?
I ate a 200g bag of marshmallows and I'm suffering....

 Is it hard to be different?
I think I am different from others.
I'm diffrent from my friends.I'm diffrent from other people and...
This is making me very sad all the time and Im getting mad.
Is it ...

 How can I get rid of hemmorhoids?
How long is this going to last? It's been extremely itchy and enflamed and sore for the last three days. I've been trying to stay off my *** most of the time, but I need to sit down ...

 I've had tingly pins and needles in my left arm for 2 months?
I also have a small 'knot' in my left shoulder muscle for the same length of time. Could it be a trapped nerve and if so, what would cure this. It's not very painful, just niggly....

 How to start an eating disorder??
I want to get skinny right now!!

please tell me how to start an eating disorder!...

 What just happened? I just vomited once and now I feel fine.?
I have no fever or body aches. I just litterally projectile vomited in the bathroom. I've had a small stomach ache all day. After I ate lunch it got worse.

What could I have? Should ...

 A stiff very sore neck can you help?
hi i am suffering with a very sore stiff neck and i have done for over a month now i visited an osteopath he manipulated it but to be honest im not a lot better ive invested in an orthapedic cushion ...

 How do i make him understand my OCD?
i developed a severe case of OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder) at the age of 14...i am now 18, and it is only worsening...for those of u who recently read my posts you would know i have been with ...

 Do you know anyone with Autism?
I drive autistic children to school everyday for my job. I want to know more about autism. I know I can go to any website and look...I want to know if you personally know anyone with autism and any ...

 What happend to me?
I'm a pretty healthy person, a couple of months ago I was diagnosed with Anemia. It wasnt bad, took some iron for it. Anyways I get light headed at times when i get up. I guess that normal...but ...

 It still....?
it still hurts when i poke myself in the eye!!!!! i tried everyones suggestions..but it still hurts.!!!...

 AIDS: not true?
There has been rumors that the AIDS is not true. It is a made up disease, the vaccine given to the "victims" are not vaccines, and only makes the infection worse. To the HIV (claimed to be A...

 I recently had surgery, does it sound like I have a case to sue the surgeon?
I was admitted into the hospital to have my gall bladder removed due to it being full of stones and about to burst. I went in for laposcopic (spelling) surgery and wound up coming out of it having ...

 Is it dangerous to write on skin using a pen?
I always write homework on my hand and arm, but my friends insist that the ink will "go into my blood". Is there any truth in this?...

 Is there anyway to unstuff your stuffed nose? (serious question)?
okay a stuffed nose may not seem like that serious of a symptom from a cold, but goshhh my nose is extremely stuffed. Ive been sick for at least 4 days now... And its really hard to go to sleep ...

 Eeek! Help, i have lice!!?
now this is what happened. i just got posted to africa, nigeria, to help out orphans. Now, i've been working for about 3 weeks now, and i noticed my head felt really itchy, and i discovered i ...

Can they make me change doctor's surgery when i move house (in England)?
i have moved less than a mile away but i'm in a different catchment area for the surgery. i really want to stay at the same surgery as i see my GP frequently. if i give them my new address will they tell me that i have to leave?

I think there is a system within the NHS that will allow you some choice in the matter. Try the NHS website.

some let you stay (depends on the surgery) but if they let you stay and your out of their area, they wont do house calls if they are needed?

Scooby Doo
No, they can only recommend you change, you don't have to.

no they wont, not if you went there before. I'm fairly sure on that and know that's the case where i live but it could be different in different county's

samantha h
Apparently yes they can. When a friend moved they made her change doctors even though she didnt move far away and new doctors was further away than old doctors. This is not down to doctors surgery it is due to local health authority.

yes - if youre ill and need a dr out, they wont be able to come if youre too far (out of their 'area') so its best to change.

kevin friend
yes it happend to me, i was gutted i wish i kept my mouth shut. you might get away with it if you give the new address with the old post code, so at least you will get any mail they send you, but the reason behind it is incase you need to call out a doctor outside surgery hours, i even told them if i was that ill i would go to casualty but they still said no

Hi,if your out of the catchment area they will make you leave.
If you are on really good terms ask your doctor.Mine let me stay untill he retired.

Mum Mum
No, go to the doctor of your choice.

Not necessarily - so long as you are prepared to visit the surgery and not expect them to attend you on a call out basis. And lets face it, for emergencies most of us go to A & E anyhow!

Helen P
If you're in a different catchment area you might have to, but it might depend how busy the surgery is, and as you see your GP regualarly maybe they have different rules. My family all use the same Dr and my Auntie lives miles and miles away!
I think the catchment area thing is mainly so if you need a home visit they know you're not miles away!

It depends how strict your surgery is I think, but good luck!

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