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Can kidney stones kill you?

Additional Details
my stone are an inch in diameter. i've already had one surgery to remove them and the blast damaged my heart. I now have two problems to deal with.I also have what they call a pelvic Kidney which makes it hard to bypass. I had a vaule tranplant 27 years ago so most doctors are afraid to treat me. I also have a torn vaule with back flow. Any type of medical treatment is high risk factor for me.

I don't know, but they can make you WISH you were dead!

Rare but possible, if it stays in for a long time it can back up the urine excreated from your kidney and cause a rupture. If it doesnt get better soon see a doc.

if someone drops one on your head from the top of a tall building, then yes.

While kidney stones can be extremely painful until they are either removed with a basket, broken via ultrasonic fragmentation or spontaneously passed, they rarely are a cause of death.

But they can be extremely painful.

The stones are caused by elevated levels of substances like Calcium, urate, or other substances which crystallize (forming stones) in the upper urinary Tract (ureters and sometimes in the kidneys). Stay well hydrated and find out what's causing them. YOur doctor can prescribe medication in many instances that will lower the level of the offending substance.

Good Luck.

The Snake
Yes. They're not supposed to be there inside your kidney. Consult a doctor for more professional details.

if they hit you in the head just right.

My poor hubby had to get 3 operations for his.

It's highly unlikely kidney stones will kill a person, however, having suffered with them for a long time, I've sometimes felt like I was about to die during a particularly bad attack.
Following urine analysis, a nephrologist may prescribe supplemens such as Potassium and Magnesium and change your diet to prevent their formation.

they hurt like a biacth

they can give you excruciating pain.
but i'm sure they could kill you in some way since they are in the kidneys and kidneys are needed for survival. actually, before they killed you, the doctor would probably realize it and get you a new one. so dont worry to much. i dont think you will die.

Kidney stones do not kill you, but they can be very painful. If they are large, a urologist will remove them by using a lithotripsy, a procedure in which shockwaves are used to break up kidney stones into sandlike particles which can then be passed through the body. If they are small, you can probably pass them spontaneously without surgery. He can then prescribe a medicine like Urocit-K which prevents certain types of kidney stones from forming. He may also have you change your diet.

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