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 How do i cure autism?

Can eating too much apples make u sick?
i heard eating too much apples give people kidney stones...is it true?

Jackie P
Not sure about kidney stones but they'll sure give ya the squirts!

not sure about kidney stones but yes eating too many apples could make u sick reson being apples are high in fiber and ur body [intestines] only require a special amount ,also if u eat apples that arent good .[spoilt,infected ect. ] it could hurt ur stomach but i guess not ur kidney stones

shokk k

Re@l T@lk
i dont no about that but eating too much of anything will make you sick

Some people have been told to drink Apple juice to prevent kidney stones so I would think that eating too many apples would not cause kidney stones. Eating too many apples at once can cause a temporary intestinal upset - but this isn't really a sickness in the general sense. An apple a day is still a good thing.

Never heard of the saying "one apple a day keeps the doctors away"

i don't know about the kidney stones, but it can give you loose stool!!!!

Of course not. Have'nt u heard "an apple a day keeps a man away from doctors -but remember ,only an apple a day. That is it!

I wouldn't think Kidney stones, but when I was a kid and ate too many ~ I would get the WORST headaches.

yep ..

Not sure about kidney stones, but eating too many apples can make you sick to your stomach

horse lover
yes it can Ii've eaten too many and it wasn't pleasant.

Eating too much anything can make you sick.

Why is Africa so poor?... CUZE APPLE DONT GROW THERE... GET UR ****** FACTS STRAIGHT ***.

It will make your stomach hurt and give you the sh1ts

apples are a good source of fiber. too many apples can equal too much fiber. too much fiber=tummy troubles. they will pass pretty quickly and that will be it. nothing that lasts. couldn't tell you on kidney stones. i have heard too much spinach will cause that, but not apples.

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