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Can a doctor refuse to let you see a specialist?
I have severe osteoarthritis in the lower part of my spine and some days I cannot walk properly Im also getting pain and numbness in my legs, Ive asked my doctor 3 times if I could see a specialist, but the doctor said a specialist can do nothing for me,

Your doctor did not say you couldn't see a specialist he merely said he didn't think a specialist would be able to help you. Make an appointment with an orthopedic doc if you want. I am not sure where you got the idea that he said you couldn't see one as you certainly didn't post that he said that in your message. Call now and set up an appointment with an orthopedic doc.

Health insurance is a tricky thing for both patients and doctors. I feel so badly you are in pain. Here's the deal: the doctor MUST at least allow you a second opinion and your health insurance will cover it. I think it is ridiculous he did not refer you to a specialist when you asked. First, get that second opinion. Tell the other doctor how the problem is persistent and that the first doctor was not helpful. Depending on your health insurance it is not necessarily mandatory in some cases that a doctor can refer you to a specialist. You can always see a specialist and pay out of your own pocket if you have the means. Good luck and feel better!

dareena q
You have the right of a second opinion so i would use it if i was you.

mr bigs
I think it could be time to get checked for borreliosis / lyme disease,which your symptoms are typical of-but I am not saying I am 100%sure its lyme, (and if your GP refuses to take further action ). You can contact the hospital below without your GPs help.

NO, any Doctor that refuses to let you see another doctor is afraid of something. You are always to be encouraged for a second opinion when ever you feel any question about the first. It's your health. He is working for you!

No a doctor can't refuse you to see a specialist, if you have a legitimate problem that you feel a specialist may be able to help you with, then yes you can see one, however because hospital appointments to see specialists are usually few and far between, its best to think twice before arranging to see one as you don't want yours or their time wasted, has your doctor given you a proper diagnosis, if not they should have done and explained why they think a spealist can't help you, if they aren't very forthcoming or helpful, then see another doctor and ask to see a specialist, if you aren't happy and in pain then you have every right to see a specialist, good luck!

Ask politely for a hospital referral or tell your doctor you want a second opinion which you are fully entitled to. Change your doctor if no joy. You could go to A and E and try getting attention that route. I

Richard M
Well I would certainly seek a second opinion. If it were me I would not rest at that considering the pain you are having to put up with.

Mrs. Miller
He cannot refuse; if you want a second opinion, you are completely entitled to it, even if it's just for peace of mind. Tell him seeing a specialist would make you feel better and be firm but if he's still being difficult, see another doctor and go from there

Steph j
See another doctor.
Your doctor has to offer you a second opinion

sounds to me like you have a standard HMO healthcare plan which requires your family dr to give you a referral before you can see a specialist...

in this case-i would find me another family practice dr who would be willing to give you that referral. some doctors irritate me to no end-only you as the patient knows what kind of pain you are experiencing and if they aren't able to get you the relief you need then they should refer you out....

Your doctor may refuse to give you a referal to a specialist, but the doctor can't stop you from going to another doctor who will.

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