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Ruth Naomi Mariae R
Blood in stool?
Last monday, when i decapitated there was blood in my feces. When I decapitated again today, there was blood but less blodd than last Monday and there's a strng-like thing in it. My stomach has been aching for the past few days. Could this be something serious?Help me. Puh-lease. Am I dying already? I wanna live a longer life. For Christ's sake I'm still 13.
Additional Details
I have also noticed that I have been moving my bowel regularly.

could be ulcerate-colitis. my sister has it, dont know too much about it except she shits blood. DOCTOR! DOCTOR! DOCTOR! dont be embarrassed to tell your parents!

Call Me Babs
A string like thing in it? People could get tape worms from eating raw meat or even fish. Sometimes dogs and cats have these worms as well. The segmented body may come out, but the head of the worm sticks to the intestinal wall. A trip to the doctor and a good dose of medicine and it'll come out all in one piece.

But then again, you may have something else. You could have a stomach virus or you may have developed a hemorrhoid. Intestional problems can cause bleeding.

Tell your parents right away and trust that they will help you.
Good luck.

Deb M
could be something as simple as an ulcer. bright red blood could mean haemarroids. I think the darker blood the older it is so the brighter it is the fresher. Go see a doctor, there are simple tests that can be done - blood tests to check your iron level and scans (gastroscopy and colonoscopy) to check your stomach and colon. Talk to you parents, don't be embarassed.

IBD (irritable bowel disease) is a disease I have lived with for over 3 years. It does start out the way you explained (bloody bowels, stomach pain). I would get your doctor to do a colonoscopy....they do not hurt, you will not be awake. Talk to your mom and dad about it, don't be embarassed, it hit me when I was 28 years old. But then again, it could be nothing more than an upset stomach and a tear inside your colon from hard stool!

Okay, here's some news for you. If you decapitated, you are dead. According to your post, you decapitated twice. That was difficult but atleast you were determined. Now, seriously, did you defecate only twice this week. Was the pieces soft or hard.You didn't say but I am guessing that the feces was hard. If they were hard you are probably constipated. These hard pieces of poop can scratch the bowel from straining.But most importantly, if you have blood in your stool, you should have gone straight to the doctor at that time, not wait a week then come here to ask about it. As a matter of fact, did you tell your parents? They need to know first off.

cave wmn
This can be dangerous like a ulcer or may be just from pushing a hard stool through your colon and cause bleeding. As far as the string like thing this may be a tape worm and dont freak out its easy to fix with medicine. The thing is you may be worried about seeing a doctor look at you in this area. So self exam. If you push on your tummy, around your stomach area does it hurt? Push on your lower back on both sides does it hurt? This is the type of exam the doctor will do also. If you do not want them to look at you naked then say no. Its ok they can not force you. They may ask you then simple questions like ... do you feel any type of bulge on your butt? Hemroid is what could cause that. They may ask you if it iches in that area? Hemroids do that . That would be a easy fix. Remember that when things change like this in your body and it has to do with blood its always a good thing to go to a doctor and tell them the problems you have been having. The other thing is to tell your parents. If you really want to get serious take in a fresh stool sample on the day of the appt. Thats a fun way to get the day started huh? ha! Or have your mother get it for you! hehe That way they can really narrow it down if it was a tape worm in your stool. But tell your parents you should see a doctor and if you cant handle undressing for the doc just tell them. They understand pretty well how it is at 13 yrs old and they dont want to scare you away either. I am a mother and I would want to know right away. Hope this helped.

You may want to go see a doctor. By that string-like thing in it, do you mean that it is like mucous? You sound like you're too young to have hemorrhoids, so it might just be that you have some kind of virus. Blood in the stool could mean anything, but I would just go see a doctor to find out what it could be.

Rich P
Could be a tape worm...have you been to South America lately?
String like thing, could just be a butt crack hair, since it's on the surface.

oh my gosh dear, you should really see a doctor about this. normally i wouldn't worry because these things are mostly associated with stress. a lot of stress so maybe you should take it easy. but I'm not trained in the medical field. so see a doctor definitely.

decapitated is to have yourhead cut off... which causes a lot of blood but usually not in the stool
DEFACATED is to poo... I assume you mean this
this could be the result of a stomache bug, not uncommon and chances are you will not die
watch it and if it does not get better in two more days, or if it gets better and then comes back tell your mom or dad and go to the docotr
BUT most likely is a bug which you will get over.. but watch it

♫ Î·Ă¡rdin ♫
The best way to know what is going on with you is to see a doctor. It sounds like you might have a digestive illness like Crohn's disease which can cause bloody stools and stomach pains. You should really get it checked out if you dont get better.

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