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Abdomen feeling on the right lower side...?

Ive been getting this strage feeing for ages now just dont think nothing of it as its not painful or anything, but I just want to know what it is lol. I only notice it when I go to bed led down, it works up to a feeling like a contraction and then I can feel something move across (in the right lower abdomen area) and I can actually feel a lump move... sorry if this sounds odd!.

Hope someone can tell me what it is! thx!

Oh and Im not pregnant or anything!!

how u doin ? ;0)
I know it sounds funny lol but could it be trapped wind ? i know i get it really bad and painfull sometimes i used to think i was pegnant cause my tummy and abdoman moved so much but it turned out to be trapped wind goodluck !

knowlegible monkey
get checked for appendices

ahsan a
Better see a doc asp. I hope it is not a growth but remember tumors in the abdomen can remain dormant 4 a long time because there is a lot of space available in the posterior part 4 them 2 grow. It could also b a collection of gase specially if u had an operation in that area e.g. appendicectomy but dont take a chance.

young guy
It could be something to do with your appendix, cos that is on the lower (R) side of the abdomen. Could cause pain if pressure is put on to that area. I'd see a doctor if I was you just to clear up any worries you have, best to get it checked even if it turns out to be minor at least you'll know for sure. Hopefully nothing serious.

You are most likely feeling your bowels move.

The intestinal tract contracts to move your bowels towards your colon, and this is probably the contraction you are feeling. The lump you are feeling is the lump of fecal matter that is moving through your system.

Most people either can not feel this, or if they can feel it, they do not notice it... but some people (like you) are able to feel it and do notice the feeling.

If you ever feel pain or discomfort associated with the contractions or with the lump, then you should see your doctor. Also, if you ever feel any sudden pain or discomfort in your right abdomen you should see a doctor ASAP because pain in this area could be your appendix.

But considering that you have felt the contraction and lump for a long time now, these feelings are not your appendix (I just would not want you to have appendix pain in the future and ignore it thinking that it is just a painful bowel moving through your intestines).

Pony dude's girl
bowel movment

dels replies
I had this peculiar feeling or sensation in the same area. Again it was mainly in bed.It sometimes felt like something was moving inside me. This went on for years,it wasn't painful so I didn't bother about it too much.Six years ago I had severe pains in the top right of my tummy and collapsed. I had to be rushed to hospital. Apparently I had an infected and inflamed gall bladder /which had to be surgically removed/ There were some complications and I had to be in Intensive care for a few days.When I returned to my ward and the doctors made their rounds ,The surgeon told me that everything was now OK but that while they were dealing with my gall bladder they found that my appendix was gangrenous and putrefying inside me.They removed the appendix at the same time as the gall bladder but that meant the operation was more involved hence the intensive care afterwards. It took a while to recover,bit am now fine. The moral of the story is that the funny feelings I had similar to yours have never been felt since,.I think you should have your appendix investigated.

Men in Black III.....................

actually, i knew someone who had a really bizarre moving lump. It traveled though out his body - up and down his legs etc. No dr could figure it out.

I JUST went to my gyno yesterday and described having this exact same feeling. (I'm also not pregnant). It's almost always when I'm lying down, and I, too, feel something moving. It's very similar to how it felt when I WAS pregnant and my son would move around. It doesn't hurt, but it's an odd sensation.

My doc pressed on my side, where my ovary is, and it was a little painful then (only when pressed, not otherwise), and when she did the internal exam, she said it felt swollen on that side. I have a pelvic sonogram scheduled next week to check everything out.

While obviously I can't yet say what is going on inside me, I'd suggest getting to your doctor and having him/her check you out.

Best wishes!

Sounds like it might be a fibroid tumor on the outside of the uterus, on a stalk. I had that and I could have sworn it was a baby's foot moving across my abdomen!


could be just normal digestion in the intenstines esp if you feel something move. or it could be ovary related. i would not worry right now with no other symptoms. but while your laying down and feel it press on it to see if you can bring pain. if you can it prob is intenstines but next time you go to the dr. tell them they will feel your abdoman for growths and such.

Hey! I would sincerely advise going to the gyno about it. I had a similar feeling for months and ignored it. Over time it got worst, and one day it was absolutely unbearable. Come to find out, I had a cyst on my ovary, and by then I had ruptured it and had pretty heavy internal bleeding. I'm fine now, but I sure wish I had gotten an internal ultrasound to get it checked out before I had to be rushed to the hospital!!

Best wishes to you, you will be in my prayers!

Get your appendix checked!

Appendix problems start on lower right side near hip and then move across abdomen.

Could be ovarian cyst or appendix or tumor or ??...but they don't usually move..only a baby or some sort of parasite would move..unless some sort of fluid movement makes the lump move...go to a doctor and get it checked out...

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