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Eileen M
ANAL FISHER, Does anyone know what this is?

In the skin of his anus, he has two holes. These holes are connected by a channel under the skin. What happens is, feces go in the hole higher up and get stuck in the channel. This then gets infected and fills with pus and blood. One of both of the holes heal over and close and then the infection breaks through.

The way this is treated is with surgery. What they do is slice open the entire channel so that the whole thing is exposed and can empty out and heal. However, sometimes the fissure (usually called a fistula) is too high up in the anus. The area here has thin skin over the muscular wall. Cutting the muscular wall by accident is a bad thing so they won't want to risk doing that. Instead, they will run a piece of suture through the fistula and tie off both ends. This will hold the fistula open, allowing it to drain and heal over the suture. After this happens, they remove the suture.

$Sun King$
I think he meant ......fissure.

Anal Fisher was a guy that used to have an outdoorsman show on the television

Anal Fissure

I wasn't that sure but found a link to a wikipedia page

Its anal fissure and it is caused by excessive straining when you have a bowel movement. Basically, its a small tear in the wall of your rectum. I hope the doctor gave him some ideas on how to prevent the straining. Also, why didn't you or he ask the doctor what anal fissure meant when he told you? That's what the doctor is for.

Ishfaq A
I would like to see the answers

It is called a fissure.........yes from straining or injury to the rectum. It is a damaged area, a tear to the lining of the anus. It is normally treated without surgery.

Yes it is a tiny split/tear of the anal wall. This is painful but can be treated and the condition will heal up completely. You can have many of these but they will in time go away. TRY NOT TO STRAIN. Get a laxative to help things out.

It is a cut in the anus. Very pailful- ouch
There is a nitrate ointment for it. If this does not work then surgery
I am afraid- Two minutes procedure

good luck

fishing for turds instead of fish....durrrrr

HELLO - and my sorrow for your problem.
The correct spelling is ANAL FISSURE -
this is a small tear in the tissue in the rectum.
Can cause some bleeding - try to keep the
area moist with a baby gel, and drink some
fluids to help your system.

evry1 else is right..i was a bit cautious abd looked it up on http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.phptermterm=anal+fisher cos ive already embarresed myself thinking i know all this modern terminology lol...its a right eye opener tho

an anal fissure is a small tear in the passage leading from the bowl to his bumbelri lol

Julie H
Go to www.webmd.com and type in "anal fissure" (correct spelling) and you should have all the info you need!

The typical symptoms of an anal fissure are extreme pain during defecation and red blood streaking the stool. Patients may try to avoid defecation because of the pain.

A hard, dry bowel movement can cause a tear in the anal lining, resulting in a fissure. Other causes of a fissure include diarrhea and inflammation of the anorectal area.
Anal fissures may be acute (recent onset) or chronic (present for a long time or recurring frequently). An acute fissure is usually due to altered bowel habits while a chronic fissure may be either due to poor bowel habits, overly tight or spastic anal sphincter muscles, scarring or an underlying medical problem.

An acute fissure is managed with non-operative treatments and over 90% will heal without surgery. Bowel habits are improved with a high fiber diet, bulking agents (fiber supplements), stool softeners, and plenty of fluids to avoid constipation and promote the passage of soft stools. Warm baths for 10-20 minutes several times each day are soothing and promote relaxation of the anal muscles. Occasionally, special medicated creams may be recommended.
A chronic fissure (lasting greater than one month) may require additional treatment. Depending on the appearance of the fissure, other medical problems such as inflammatory bowel disease or infections may be considered and testing may be recommended. A manometry test may be performed to determine if anal sphincter pressures are high. An examination under anesthesia may be recommended to determine if a definite reason exists for lack of healing.

it is kind of like hemorrhoids........same thing...caused by straining.

Anal fissure is a small tear.

Pass it on...
An anal "fissure" is a tear in the lining of the rectum that is caused by either hard stools or repeated bouts of diarrhea. They are usually treated with stool softeners along with adding fiber to the diet.

I think it would be a crack in the rectum, which will cause bleeding, almost like chap-ed lips

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