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 Problems with blurry and ghosting vision?
I have been to several doctors over the years and nobody can explain to me why I get "ghosting vision" and starbursts in medium to low lighting. Basically there are fainted images ...

 My contacts make my eyes SOOOO dry!!!!!!!
I use Acuvue Hydraclear for Astigmatism. My eyes get SOOOOOO dry with them in even if I haven't had them in for a while. But it is like when I use contacts, I have to squeeze my eye shut a lot. W...

 Does laser eye surgery hurt much?
and do you know any reliable places in victoria [melb. australia]?...

 Can the sun be damaging to the eyes?

 Lost a piece of contact lens in my eye!?
Last night when I took out my contact lenses, I noticed that one of them was broken and missing a bit. I can only assume that the piece of the lens is still in my eye, but I can't really feel it ...

 If I have bad vision in both eyes is it ok to wear one contact lense?
I Lost One And I Havent Ordered Any Yet But im G...

 Does honey really lighten the color of your eyes without wearing colored contacts?
see, i have brown eyes and i really wanna get contacts bcuz brown eyes are the most common and i want a change. i read that honey works so i just want to know. will it help my eye color change?...

 Is Bad Eyesight a Problem for being a pilot?
I've recently discovered that i need glasses and i have my heart set on being a pilot in the aviation industry. I've seen pilots with glasses but is there a limit for how bad your eyes can ...

 Chances Of Glaucoma?
I have had headaches for a week now. They are not persistant just come and go throughout the day. I also have pain behind the eyes. The eye pain is dull and again it just comes and goes.


 Is it bad to wear only one contact lens temporarily?
I have an appointment with my eye doctor in a week and a half, but lately I've been having problems with only my right eye (my contact lens irritates it every time I put it in), so I can't ...

 My eyes have red veins?
my eyes have red veins showing all the time. its not that i lack of sleep or anything and i have never done drug. i might have stayed up late but now i sleep on time and regularly. how do u make the ...

 Whats Wrong with my eyes?
Its been going on for months,and my eyes have been changing size,sometimes they might be small,and others big.And sometimes my eyes have good or bad vision.Also,they always wake up sore.I have no ...

 Is it possible to reduce eye power by eye exercise?
to remove spectacles completely is there any eye exercise?...

 Contacts made eyes red?
my contacts made my eyes red..what can I do to get rid of this redness? T...

 Should i get contacts?
Okay so i am 13 and i have trouble seeing the distance. (cany remember what it is called) i wear glasses sometimes and i hate it! but i am noticing that it is getting worse and so i now want contacts....

 Eye Doctors?
Does anyone know if eye doctors usually accept walk ins or do i need to make an appointment, i have tommorow off and i want to get contacts.
Additional Details
Yea i figured as much, i ...

 Contacts, help?
My eyes tend to change colour quite alot sometimes you think they can be grey, hazel, green but anyways most the time they are like a very dark green and I was just wondering if you can actually buy ...

 Questions about my new glasses?
I got my first glasses when I was in 6th grade, and my eyesight wasn't that bad. I didn't have to wear them all the time. I'm in 9th grade now, I got my second pair of glasses and ...

 Does eye patching help strabismus?
Both my eyes are slightly inwards, I've had them since young but I don't have any problems with my vision. Well, short-sighted but that's a whole different story.

Anyway, ...

i really want contacts but last year the eye doctor said she had to put them on me first before i even try to put them on myself but when she was putting them on my eye stung/hurt alot! so i ended up ...

Why is my reading vision getting worse with longsighted prescription?
I've worn glasses and contact lenses to correct my short sighteness for years, and have always had perfect reading sight. Recently I've noticed a very marked deterioration in the vision I've got when reading, or looking closely at things, when I have my glasses on. If I lift my glasses up I can see perfectly. I've never had this problem before and could always read perfectly with my "gogs" on. I am seriously looking into having laser eye surgery to correct my short sightedness but can't afford it yet :-( so I dont want to pay for a new eye test or glasses when my long distance vision is still A1 but my glasses are making my short distance vision crap. Anyone know why this is happening?

Contact Lens King
Maybe I am misunderstanding the question but it seems like you really do not have a problem anymore. Your vision seems to be good from what I read? You see fine for distance obects and you don;t need glasses anymore for near objects? I would go see your eye care provider and have your eyes tested.

life is good
Why don't you just take the glasses off to read? Problem solved.

2020 A
You've reached that lovely age that requires Bifocal lenses. Rude, I know, but it happens to most of us nearsighted people. There isn't anything you can do to change this. Sorry but it sounds like new eye exam & lenses are the only thing that is going to help. Just so you know when you get your eye surgery you will probably still need at least reading glasses when you are done. I had my exam done & 3 months later had to do it again for the same reason BIFOCALITIS

Working in the eyecare field I have seen this before many times. Get an eye exam and the doctor will probably give you an Rx with a bifocal prescription. If your distance vision is not a problem you may want to try magnifying readers, thus keeping you from wearing glasses all of the time. As far as LASIK surgery goes, it will not help with your near vision-even with it you would still need reading glasses.

"Recently I've noticed a very marked deterioration in the vision I've got when reading, or looking closely at things, when I have my glasses on."

this sounds like emerging presbyopia. how old are you? somewhere between say 38 and 45? if so, this is perfectly normal.

"I am seriously looking into having laser eye surgery to correct my short sightedness"

well it may be a bad time. if your Rx is changing and/or you are starting presbyopia (inability to focus up close with glasses ON) then lasik wont help you all that much. all lasik does is take your glasses Rx OUT of your eye. so if you're having trouble reading up close right now with your glasses ON...then after lasik you will *ALSO* have trouble reading up close.

Sounds like you are starting to notice the beginnings of presbyopia.... it is an age related condition where the crystalline lens inside our eye that normally flexes to focus on near objects begins to stiffen. The lens will continue to stiffen until you are in late 50's or early 60's.. this is when all focusing ability is lost. This actually works out great for people with lower myopic (nearsighted) prescriptions... but only for reading.
It is usually noticeable in those approaching or in their 40's and it affects everyone regardless of their refractive error, gender, race etc... If you get laser eye surgery it will only correct your nearsightedness and you will need glasses for reading. There are currently a few different surgeries to correct presbyopia, but they are even more pricey then standard laser eye surgery.
You can get bifocal/multifocal lenses in your glasses so you do not need to take them off.... or for now you can just take your glasses off to read. Also you can get bifocal/multifocal contact lenses if you were interested.
I think you should see your eye doctor for a new eye exam and tell them your concerns. I'm sure they will be able to find a solution that works well for you :)

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