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 Why are optometrists so money hungry and less medical?
I just want my eyes tested accurately and feel comfortable. They just try and sell me $400 frames.
Additional Details
I had such a hard time trying to get them to give me the ...

 Does eye laser treatment have any side effects or bad points please help?

 Eyes itching???
Hi There,
i have a big time problem with the eyes. They are itching all the times. At first i thought that it was beacuse i have hayfever, and i'm taking medicine for the last 4-5 days ...

 Getting contacts, what's it like?
I have an eye test for tomorrow. It's only $65... I figured it'd be more, but I'm gonna take my prescription to Wal-Mart since they apparently offer the cheapest contacts.

I ...

 Pink Eye,How to get rid of it fast,stop it from traveling,where it comes from?
Started in left eye with pus,6 days later went to right and left is clear,Right is more painfull with no pus Using prescribed eye drops,Sanitized everything in sight.How can it be stopped from ...

 Need cheap glasses!!?
Ok! I got my prescription over the phone from the last eye-exam I had. I NEED glasses because the ones I have now are falling apart, but I'm BROKE! I'm a student, working my way through ...

 Is it true that you must have an eye exam if you want to buy new frames for your glasses?
even if you've had an eye exam before?...

 Is it true that men can be color blind but women can not?

 Can i leave my contacts in over night?
my allergies are really bad today and my eyes are hurting, itching, watery and red and i can't get my contacts out

i've only had them since saturday

but is it okay if ...

 My eye keeps beating?
Underneath my eye keeps like twitching and feels like a heart beating. What is the cause of this?...

 Why are my eyes always bloodshot?
My eyes are constantly bloodshot. I look like a stoner. I've tried all different kinds of eye drops, but they only work for a little bit, then my eyes will just be red again even if i use more ...

 How long can you wear a trial pair of contacts
I got a trial pair of color contact lenses the other day. Is it ok to wear it a second day or are they one day only? I disinfected them and kept them in lense solution ...

 Are contact lenses unsafe for kids and teens to wear? Does it destroy their eyes and make it worse?
I heard that contact lenses destroy your eyes more than it helps. Is this true?...

 Am I too old for Lasik surgery?
I'm 42 and haven't been able to afford it until now. I've heard that I'll probably have to get a pair of reading glasses, even if my distance vision is perfect--that this just ...

 Why are my contacts blurry?!?
i just got my contacts a week and a half ago so i know its not old, the vision on it is perfect but today i put them on and theyre blurry. i wore them to sleep and took them out but didnt have a ...

 Best way too die?
what do u think witch is best way too die?...

 Eye prescriptions - are opticians obliged by law to give you a copy of your prescription?
just wondered as I have never been given one on both visits to this particular opticians....

 Do u have glasses?

 What is the best cell phone company?
i want a cell phone but i don't want my parents to spend billions of dollars on my tiny ...

 Colored contacts?
i am light complected, honey blonde, and have green eyes natuarly.....what color contacts would look good?

plz give an oppion.......

Why does my vision get blurry?
Why does my vision get blurry sometimes whenever I try to read a book or when reading?
My eyes cant seem to focus, and my vision gets all blurry. It usually corrects itself when I move back, buts sometimes whenever I try to read, my vision will get blurry, sometimes I feel like im looking at it cross-eyed.
Additional Details
I just noticed I used the word "somtimes" and "blurry" a bit too much. lol
But I think I take all of your suggestions and try reading glasses, then if that dont work, ill go to my optometrist

Q cumber
Perhaps you have a heart condition that is affecting blood flow to your eyeballs.

See a eye specialist right away Maybe your eyes are healthy but you cannot take any chance

you need to see an eye doctor that is why

M oose

You might need some reading glasses or something. Go to the eye doctor and see what he can do.

shanu y

you may need to get reading glasses

sounds like u need to have ur eyes checked out

yah i think i know what your talking about... sometimes like right before i go to bed my eyes feel like they're cross eyed probably cause they're just tired... your eyes are probably just straining on reading... it can also hurt to stare at the white pages a lot too.

my vision is blurry i have bad vision it runs alot on my m,oms side of the family i have glasses even look at my display pic

one of the signs of a diabetic is blurry vision..or you could need glasses or it could even be alergies..... best to see a doctor

I think what you are describing is double vision. Like sometimes when i am concentrating on something i have this feeling in my eyes and then stuff goes blurry and kind of double. There really isnt much to be done about it, perhaps see an optometrist if its really dehabilitating you.

dances with unicorns
I don't know your age, but this is something everyone (or at least ALMOST everyone) experiences as they age. The cornea has to be flatter for reading close up than for looking at something far away, and the flattening of the corneas is done by tiny muscles in the eye. Over time, those muscles weaken, and you are not able to see as well close up. This started being a problem for me when I was in my early 30s. I'd suggest trying out a pair of reading glasses from the drugstore if it's not a severe problem. If it's really bad, or rapidly getting worse, it's time for a trip to your optometrist/opthalmologist.

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