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" A "

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is it hard putting them in?




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Wayne S
Why do people with bad vision STARE?
I have only found one other page on Yahoo answers addressing this but there is a bunch of stuff online, mostly coming from the ideas of an ophthalmologist named William Bates who keeps coming up wherever I look...

apparently one of the main reasons we have bad vision is because of tension in our mind and bodies, when we get tense or anxious about something we tend to stare a lot more and when we stare our vision gets worse.

Basically he says bad vision is caused by "mental strain" anyways the point is he's definetly right about the staring thing, people who were glasses for distance always seem to stare and dont often move their eyes around, then you look at people with good vision and their eyes NEVER stop moving!

is this just me noticing this since it seems to be a popular theme online.

Are there any experts who know about this and can shed some light?
How bad is staring for your eyes? apparently if you avoid staring its one of the best ways to improve vision as well.

Additional Details

are two website that address this, OPINIONS PLEASE?

also say your source even if its just personal observation

I know I already asked this question yesterday but I just want a few more answers because I find it VERY INTERESTING!

Carolina Sunshine
I have to wear glasses for driving and reading. But, I do not stare when I wear mine. If anything, I stare more without them because it is more difficult to see. I think more people who wear contacts stare more than those who wear glasses. This may be because you get a film over your eyes often with contacts. One major problem with contacts is people do not clean them and refresh them as often as they should and the eyes do not get enough oxygen.

The reason for staring may be because they cannot sell well enough, or there eyes take more time to focus. Also they may need to clean their glasses or just like what they see ...lol :)

It's an interesting theory. But I'm not sure how valid it is. A person's vision gets worse when the shape of their eye changes. This changes how accurately light hits the lens, distorting/blurring the vision.

2020 A
People with bad vision tend to stare at something for longer periods so that their brains can process & eliminate what they are seeing & converge it into what they think is there. Basically so they can figure out what it is they are looking at. A person with proper visual correction does it quicker because they see it clearly.

All stress or strain can potentially affect the mechanism that makes your eye get elongated. This does not mean genetics doesn't play a significant role. Genetics determines your susceptibility to get nearsightedness, but evironmental factors including eye strain is what can aggrivate the progression of myopia.

Dr. Bates had some good things to say but unfortunately his psuedo science caused Opthomalagists to reject him right off the bat. I think Dr. Bates went to far in to say that relaxation can improve vision. I see it as similar to an ear lobe. You can yank it until it gets stretched, but you can't unyank it or push it in order of it to get unstretched. The mechanisms that controll eye growth can get aggrivated but that doesn't mean you can unaggrivate it to compensate for the error it created.

But I do think your right that too much starring is a risky practice for developing vision problems. Hope this helps!

This is more of an answer to your other question concerning palming. Forgive me for posting it here since after I typed this all up i realized you closed it!

Resting your eyes can help your vision slightly when you have some stress or are tired because your brain functions to give you a better picture when it is rested. In my experience palming mostly improved my vision because when I opened my eyes my pupil became constricted which made a sort of pinhole affect. By constricting the amount of light that comes in my eye the blur zone on my retina is decreased. You can see the reverse to be true in dark lighting your vision will be worse.

As far as the Bates Method goes the phylosophy is based on psuedo science. External eye muscles do not determine refraction error. If that were true then when the doctor dialates your eyes and "knocks out" your lense it should not make your near vision any worse. I used to believe in the Bates Method, but the testemonials were just not enough to believe in all the obsertities that Bates gurus present. Especially since I've heard of people who have worn glasses or contacts all there life and suddenly their vision improves to the point where they don't have to wear them anymore.

Myopia prevention is what needs to be taught kids before they get bad vision in the first place. There is a huge coerralation between eye strain or near work and myopia. Making sure your eyes get a break and strain constantly is important when your genes aren't that strong.

Sorry about the length! Hope this helps!

♥♥Mrs SSG B♥♥
Footprints - couldn't have said it better myself. Smart man.

I'n not sure I can agree with your own theory that people with glasses or contacts, stare.

I've been in the optical business for 37 years , and see peoples eyes all day long, and I have never noticed such a thing.

Many people have the annoying habit of just staring at you when talking to you, with or without glasses.

As for the Bates theory. I think we must keep in mind that it was written in the 1920's. I'm not sure how well understood the functions of the eye and vision were back then.

But after 85 years , and millions of dollars made by the companies who have the rights to his books . There has not been any proof that it is any more than quackery.

After that long, there should have been thousands who have gone back to their doctors and almost miraculously don't need glasses anymore.

This hasn't happened, or word would have certainly spread about it. Like in big headlines in the New York Times.

Most of the ideas he came up with just plain defy common sense and medical knowledge.

But as long as people are clinging to the hope, the companies who are pushing it will keep raking in the big bucks.

In the 1920's there were still door to door salesmen also who sold colored, bottled water as a cure all tonic.

Now think about it...does it make any possible common sense at all that staring at things will make your eyes worse ?

The eyes are meant to be used. Everybody stares at things all the time.

I'm sure in my 58 years I have stared at many more things for many more hours than someone in their 20's has...yet I have perfect distance vision.

I started wearing reading glasses about 10 years ago, but have had the same Rx now for the last 4 years...and I'm staring into peoples eyes all day...

Bate's theories are best put on the pile of other snakeoil remedies.

Modern medicine knows very well that your vision is affected by physical changes within the eye itself. It's not just the brain that fools you into thinking you can't see.

Flying Dragon
In my experience, people with bad vision, if anything, tend to be "squinty eyed" (at least if they aren't wearing their glasses or contacts). I'm not certian how opening your eyelids a little more than usual could change the shape of your eyeball or your cornea, which is what would have to occur to damage your vision. By the way, that Bates character is not taken very seriously by vision researchers.

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