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 How long after you are exposed to you get pink eye?
I am being treated for bacterial pink eye with drops but I am trying to figure out if I have to throw out my make up. It has been 5 days since I have used it and I came down with pink eye last night....

 Has this ever happened to you!!??!!?
Ok so two nights ago i turned off the lights to go to sleep, and my left eye went completely black(it was still light enough to see). I could see out of my right eye but my left eye went black...then ...

 Contacts advice?!?
What is the best way of putting in contacts? For some reason, I keep blinkng the contact out and I've tried so many things, but I want to know what is the secret to putting in contacts in two ...

 I am in a lot of pain and have an eye patch full of water because of scratched cornea, is this normal?
I have seen a doctor this morning and so have the patch, but am not convinced that it's normal for it to be flooded with water from my eyes or for me to be in so much pain. Any tips?...

 Eye boogers...?
yea whenever i wake up i have them, then i take a shower and i wash my face, and their gone. but, throughout the day, they appear in my eyes again. why do i get these?
Additional Details

 What is astigmatism?

 How do u tell if a contacts lens are inside out?
I accidently put my contact in inside out it really was weird I couldn't see I was wondering if there was a way I could check to make sure the contacts are the right way before I put them in the ...

 Contacts and cleaners?
So I got contacts a couple months ago. And I was just wondering if I changed the brand of my contact cleaner if it would effect me or damage my contacts. I'm guessing no, but yeah....

 I had an eye examine at regular Optometrist/optician. Can I get eye glasses from someplace else?
I found a frame that my regular eye doctor doesn't have that I really like. Can I just get a prescription from him and get the new glasses at the place I found? I usually only get my glasses ...

 Will reducing the time that i spend using the computer and playing video games improve my eye sight?
my eyes are nearsighted and are about 350/20 on my left eye and 420/20 on my right one. when i was young, i didn't care much about my eyes cuz i just wanted to have fun and play games. but now, ...

 What does it mean when i wake up with my eyes closed?

 Where do eye boogers come from??

 How do I get ride of?
red swollen eyes from lack of sleep?...

 Whats wrong with my eye?!?
Just recently, It feel s like there is something in the right inside corner of my eye. It's slightly red in that corner only. I looked close at it this morning to see if I had an eyelash ...

 Are glasses more comfortable than contact lens?

 Is it bad for my eyes?!?
Well, I have glasses. I never wear them though (lol). Yeah, l00k at my avatar. I was just bored so I put them on. =]
But, the point is, I've been having major headaches lately so I don'...

 My upper eyelid is swollen on the outside. It hurts when I blink a little. What is it and how do I treat it?
My mom says it isn't pink eye because if it was my eye would be pink and swollen too, but I don't know what it is. The things that might have caused it are
--mascara, but I think that ...

 Contact lenses- Shall I choose an 8.7 base curve or an 8.4?There's nothing mentioned in my prescription?
Contact lenses- Shall I choose an 8.7 base curve or an 8.4?I'm buying them online and there's nothing mentioned about that in my prescription!...

 I need my pupillary distance for frames and can't find any one who will do it Cleveland Ohio?
i m on the west side of cleveland and i can not find a place that will give it to me they say i have to by frames to get my PD. but i want a pair i found online that are soo cute and cheep, i cant ...

 Can you suggest a cheap place for eye glasses and vision exam in SF bay area without insurance ?
I need to buy eyeglasses for somebody in my family travelling from overseas without vision insurance. Please recommend an economical place for both vision exam and glasses in SF bay area preferably ...

Drew B
Why do my eyes look so glossy after smoking weed?

Jason C
hahaha stay of the drugs dude

jen s
cause the smoke irritates your eyes and probley cause ypur high. simple thing if u dnt like it dnt smoke it.

Your eyes appear glossy after smoking marijuana due to the dilation of your cappilliaries in your eye surface. This side effect of the thc makes your eyes reddened due to more blood closer to the surface of the whites of your eyes as well as more glossy from the increased amount of liquid on your eye surface.

because they are high

Chick-A- Deedle
It's conjuncitvitis. Caused because the chemicals in marijuana make the capillaries in your eyes, as well as the small ones in other parts of your body, expand. Your eyes turn red and get glossy because of the literal chemical reaction in your body.

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