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Why do my eyes get red and sore while wearing contact lenses?
They become really red, sore, and sensitive to the light. I have disposable lenses, and I'm not new to contacts- I've been using contacts for almost four years now.

I take out my lenses and use erythromycin every-time this happens, but why does this happen? Is it cuz I don't dispose them on time, or because they're unclean?

And other than disposing the lenses on time, how can I keep them clean and prevent this from happening?
Additional Details
I'm really appreciating all the answers, thank you guys so much<3

Ce Saw
there could be Calcium deposits.. thats what happens to me when i dont change them out every 2 weeks or so.

I think you really need to call your eye doctor and tell him what's going on. He can prescribe you a different lens that is still disposable but more comfortable. If he doesn't offer you a choice in brands and trials find another eye doctor. I have worn disposables since they came out and my doctor sends me home with up to 4 different kinds to try out. The one that is most comfortable for me is the one he then precribes. You don't want to just try to ignore or treat these problems yourself-these are the only eyes you have and I'm sure you don't want to jeopardize your chances of wearing contacs in the future. I'm sure you will find some that you will like and not even notice that you are wearing them.

Christine D
Your eyes are probably not getting enough air and hydration. Try using like renew rewetting drops., if your eyes are irritated make sure to give your eyes a rest from the contacts.

Cheche Little
It could be that your eyes are sensitive and the contacts have a higher water content than your eye can handle, you could consult your optimetrist. Also, the contacts diametre might be too small or larger for your eyes.

or most possibly, your contatcs are dirty. When you take them out, rub them lightly with your finger on your palm in a foward and backwards direction, don't do it in a circle, it thins the contacts easily. Then soak them in contact solution ...or it could be an expired batch..

try using eyedrops during the day. this keeps them hydrated.
or maybe the brand isnt right for you. try switching to a new brand for a few weeks and see how they are
and make sure ou arent wearing them for more than the recomended time

happy feet
Make an appointment w/ an Opthomologist ...quick!
These are serious symptoms.
You could end up with an eye infection.
Eye infections can be serious and lead to loss of vision.
Stop trying to second guess what it is.....go to the doctor.

Go....make an appointment.....now!!!!!!!!!

Your eyes may not like the brand or type you're using. I used to use Acuvue 2 and I could wear them for about 4 hours and then they'd dry out and kill my eyes. I switched to Accuvue Oasys and have YET to have a problem.. Talk to you doctor and keep trying different options.

Braden P
There are quite a few things that could be going on.

As said, it could be the brand. If you use Acuvue, I recommend either Acuvue w/Hydraclear or Oasys. However, if you have a large astigmatism, or odd prescription, these may not be offered for you. However, you could completely change brands.

Do you sleep in your contacts? Even though many contact types are made for "safe" sleeping, there is no such thing as prolonged "safe" sleeping in contacts. Shorts naps are okay, but if you sleep in them overnight, it will eventually lead to contact abuse. Just last week, three different people came into the office, each slept with their contacts for prolonged periods, and each suffered redness, swelling, scratched corneas, etc. They were put on antibiotic. Take out your contacts before you sleep. And everyday, no matter what, even if you do not wear them that day, change the saline solution in the contact case nightly.

It could also be allergies. This is very common. Environmental allergies do this. However, some people (rare) are allergic to certain saline solutions. Maybe you are having some problems with you solution.

If a contact says it is a biweekly contact (most Acuvues are), then do not wear them for over 3 weeks. It can and will lead to contact abuse.

And never put contacts in your mouth. Amazingly, so many people do when they fall out. HORRIBLE idea.

You may have under active tear ducts. There are a variety of ways to solve this, from rewetting drops, to punctal plugs, inserted by your optometrist (ophthalmologists, too).

And by all means... never substitute nasal saline for contact saline. I made this mistake once. Never. Ever. Ever. Will it happen again.

Why do you use Erythromycin every time?? You may be overdoing it and killing all the good bacteria flora in your eye. I'd clean your lenses well every night, make sure to rub well, even with the no rub cleansers. And probably look at switching brands on contact solution.

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