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 Helpppp!! how do you het a contact out of your eye!!!?
its lost in my eye.
Additional Details
uhgg i cant find it adn all the eye doctors are closed. its night time. what do i do....

 I want to wear contacts but i'm scared?
I've heard the they can damage the eyes and there is a risk to go blind. Is this true? I'm 15...

 Why are my eye lashes falling off?????
my eyelashes are falling out and i dont know why. they are also thining out. iam i not having a certain vitamin or something like that....

 Change my eye color Without contact lenses?
i have brown eyes and i want to change my eyes blue or green is this true >>> Ingesting small doses of ink over an extended period of time will change your eye color slightly??...

 Eye floaters, Flashes bright spots?
So ive got these little spots that float across my eye, sometimes in s shapes and little squiggley lines and every now and then I see bright flashes in the corners of my eyes. Also I have this weird ...

 Is LASEK/LASIK safe? How far do you think it will advance within the next six years or so? All answers welcome
Well it's 2008 now and there are companies all over the world that are offering the revolutionary treatment. I have heared that the best treatment can be found in Europe. My question is i hear ...

 Lasik surgery...does it ever make vision worse?
i'm considering getting lasik surgery because i've heard very good things from people about it. my vision is very bad, maybe -8.5 or so. i understand it won't probably make me 20/20, ...

 I was doing hw and my eye was near a paper and when i turned the page the tip of the paper hit my eye?
it hurts really bad i cant see out the eye any advice
Additional Details
like when i blink it ...

 Looking people in the eys while talking to them?
are you supposed to look at both of their eyes or is it supposed to be normal to look into one eye? cus i find that both my eyes only focus on one of their eye which feels ...

 My eyelid is swollen and the eye itself is bloodshot. Started two days ago, eye just starting to get pink??
Okay, so I woke up Friday morning and my eyelid was swollen and it hurt to shut my eye. Looking under the lid I can see a small white dot, which I know is a sty. The eye itself didn't hurt ...

 Anybody know anything about brown eye colouring??
I've read somewhere that if one parent has brown eyes and the other has blue or green, for example, that the child is more likely to have brown eyes as they are more dominant.
Is this true??...

 Will astigmatism disappear?
If I SOMETIMES wear my prescription eye glasses, will my astigmatism eventually go away?...

 Eyelash hurts, eye too. it feels like my eye is being poked by an sharp eyelash?
i dont think its an style or watever its called, cuz i had this a lot of times and what i did before was just to wash it with warm water and the next day it would go away. what is the problem....

 How do you take care of your eyes?

 Red eye =[?
my eye is super red. and is starting to swell what so i do?...

 For anyone with a lazy eye (or knowledge of them...(!!!))?
If you have a lazy eye and you look in the mirror, can you see that one eye isn't in line with the other?
Additional Details
I'm just trying to work out whether a person with a ...

 Can you blow dry your hair with contacts on?
Hi i got contacts, and was wondering if i could blow dry my hair while wearing them.....
I know i can't take a shower, take a bath, go swimming in them, etc.
But what about blow drying ...

 My daughter broke my glasses at the arm. Is there any way I can get new frames without getting another exam?

 Contact users?
I have contacts, and have had contact for years and years. Ever since I have started wearing contacts I get times when they get kind of cloudy but I can blink or rub my eye and it clears up. Lately ...

 Can you wear contact lenses in a sauna or a steam room?

Additional Details
I went back to the gym today and wore contacts in the sauna and the pool.
I kept my eyes closed in the sauna (there was nothing there to watch anyway!) and I ...

Why do my eyes burn and turn red when I wear my glasses?
I know that this question has already been asked, but my prescription is accurate. If I wear my glasses for a few days, it goes away, but I wear my contacts on a regular basis and when I wear my glasses, this happens. The optometrist doesn't know (or care) why. What's up with this? PS ~ I don't smoke weed!

Don't smoke weed.

Hmmm......it's time to re-check your eyes! It could be a positive or negative change. You can ruin your eyes if you show negligence

its because ur not used to wearing ur glasses
if ur switching on n off to ur contacts and glasses it wont help
u should just stick to one of dem

Latin Beauty
contact prescriptions are different from that of your glasses so just stick with one at a time don't mix them during the day it will cause irritation.

nikita t
maby u dont need them.

did you wash them or clean them with something strong it could be burning your eyes

Goldie Locks
try to buy a Visine product that reduces the amount of a reaction. Maybe your eyes just can't handle the change. Don't read with your glasses on, it really strains your eyes.

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