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 Which is more important ,Making money or Be good to your health?

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I have contact lenses now, but now I dont know which is for which eye! I know my left eye sees better than my right.

So I have the choice of -3.25 & -3.50

Which one is for ...

 What is 20/10 vision exactly?
1) And frankly is there really a lot of people with 20/20 vision? Are they generally young people?
2) How about those who is farsighted (ie. need reading glass), do they have something like 20/20...

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So im a 15 year old highschool student and i went to the eye doctors for a eye exam, because i've been having blurred vision in one of my eyes and it has been hard to conentrate on teachers at ...

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if the you wear glasses all the time the eye muscles don't have to do much exercising............beacause all the work is done for them. but then strainign sin't good either is it? I dunno. ...

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 What is astigmatism?
I've been trying to find out what astigmatism is, but i havent gotten any answers...

1-what is astigmatism?
2-what are the simptoms in your vision when you have astigmatism?

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I have disposable soft lens (focus dalies).
Is it ok to take short naps with them?
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is it bad or not normal if someone doesnt close his or her eyes completely. if they CANT cloe their eyes completely, or is it normal?...

 Post cataract surgery?
I have recently had a cataract removed after a penetrating eye injury in May. I have loads of black spots floating in my vision, a blurrring right in the centre of my eye and flashing blue and white ...

 How to change my eye colorq?
so other than contacts is thier a way to change my eye color.. like raw food or maybe somethign esle ...

 Lens crafter vs pearle vision?
i am wondering if anyone knows the basic costs for eye exams/contacts/glasses at places like lens crafter and pearle vision- i have only ever gone to private practice doctors but cannot afrorde it ...

 I can see things far away, But what about up close?
I need glasses to read. Or to do close work, otherwise, I don't need them....

 I'm -6.00 in both eyes - you?
Im about -6.00 in both eyes. Its really hard sometimes thinking that people can naturally see objectes miles away when I can bearly read the paper. For all those who have a similar presciprtion - ...

Why can't the optimitrist correct my vision to 20/20?
I received my new prescription eyeglasses yesterday and I can't see any better with the new ones as I could with the old ones. I asked the technician and she said that my vision was corrected to 20/30 in the left eye and 20/60 in the right eye. Why can't they make lenses that give me perfect vision?

Nah Z
20/60 corrected vision is absolutely nowhere near normal. You need to be seeing an ophthalmologist to figure out if there's a non-refractive disease causing the decrease in BCVA.

Blue Star Angel
so as to let your eye feel better?too much pressure on the eye may hurt them

you may have a condition that glasses cant fix. I have a condition where I have to wear bifocal contacts to see.

Astigmatism is a common one. it can only be cured with lasik. I do highly suggest getting the procedure done asap. The earlier you get it, the less chance you have of becoming blind later on in life.

Mary P
See another doctor to start with but as odd as it might sound wear a eye cover for 3-4 hours on the good eye it will make the bad one grow a little stronger.

Do you have any eye problems that you have been diagnosed with ?

Like cataracts , or macula degeneration ?

For the tech to know you are only corrected to 20/60 , there must be a reason for it. I doubt they would leave you at that level on purpose if better vision was possible .

There must be a reason that they haven't communicated well enough to you.

20/20 isn't always possible, but there is always a reason why not.

You need to check with the optometrist what the expected acuity was and if less than 20/20, the reason why.

Not everyone can get 20/20, with even the best glasses, if there is something other than a focussing error limiting the vison in the eyes. But that would normally be mentioned during an examination, and referred for further assessment (if it hadn't already been noted and understood on a previous occasion).
This could be such things as cataracts, macular damage, lazy eye (amblyopia)... the list is almost endless.
but while 20/30 is the best some perfectly normal eyes can achieve, with 20/60 there almost has to be some underlying reason.

This doesn't include the other simple possibility that either the optometrist or the technician made an error in writing or reading the intended Rx. It happens, and can easily be checked and corrected.

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