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im 13 and i've had glasses for a while and my perscribtion is not thatt strong do you think it worth it to get contacts
Additional Details
also i have to have em for soccer and ...

 Eye emergency!!!!!! bleeding in the eye?
well my dad just woke up and his right eye was bleeding i dont know wy and he said it hurted but it doesnt seem like it though. and blood is covering the wite part of his eye ball but like the first ...

 What are some causes of making your eye twitch? Mine has been doing it off and on for about 2 weeks now?

 A question for those who have brown eyes?
Do your eyes look almost black in dim light and do your eyes look brown in sunlight.Or do your eyes look brown even in dim light.I have a doubt because in dim light my eyes looks almost black but in ...

 What happens in laser surgery towards the eyes??
to help short sightedness
and does it help to start at trees 1km away for 8hrs a day to help shortsightedness?...

 If somebody punched you hard in the eye, would your glasses break?
Hit you hard enough to give you a black eye.

Wearing your spectacles at the time....

 Eye twitching?
for the past 4 weeks now my eyelid has been twitching, not in the way your eye would sometimes pulse (i hope you undertsand what i mean here) but maybe twice a minute the eyelid would just twitch and ...

 I accidently took a shower with my contacts on! PLZ HELP ME!!?
Ok so i ACCIDENTLY took a shower with my contacts on! After the shower I tried taking them off, but it wouldn't move off my pupil! It felt kinda dry, but it just wouldn't move! What do I do?...

 Laser eye surgery???
I had an appoinment this weekend to see if I was suitable for laser eye surgery, and I am. with Optical Express.

The price given was quite expensive so I phone Optimax and they quote ...

 My 12 year old son just got a trial pair of disposable contacts....?
....for his bad eyesight.

Yesterday when the doctor helped him get them on he said the first couple of weeks when he first puts them into his eyes, he might experience some blurriness at ...

 So ive had a black eye for like 1 1/2 months?
and my friend told me that boxers cut benieth their eye to let the old, dirty blood. if true, anyone know how to do it?...

 What"s the best eye drop to whiten my red eyes?
My eye are always red especially when i go out or ware makeup i used cold water and decongestents but no ...

 Do people that are/look cross-eyed know it?

 When buying contact lenses, do you HAVE to buy eye glasses as well?

 Contacts question......?
I just got contacts yesterday and i love them. But i think they are a bit hard to get in and out. How can i take them out easier, and put them in without them sticking to my finger....

 Can your eye color change besides having to use contacts?
for example if there is a medical procedure like plastic surgery to change your eye ...

 Can you wear contact lenses everyday?
I have Kaiser permanente insurance and I know that Kaiser permanente charges a lot for contacts, but I also heard that contact lenses can't be worn every day. So, is it ok to get glasses and ...

 Contact lenses?
Went to see optician today because ive had problems wearing my contacts due to my eyes being so dry. was told that my tear ducts/glands were blocked. Was told what to do to unblock them. Using hot ...

 Can clear contacts change your eye color?
I have some and all they have is the blue tint will they make enough change to be noticed?

I am just wondering.
Additional Details
What if you have brown eyes, will they make ...

 What color do you say these eyes are?
they are mine. Do you think it would be ok to get colored contacts? if so, what color do you suggest? (i already wear prescription contacts, but I didn't have them on when i took that picture)<...

Why are my eyes hurting after I take out my contacts?
Lately one of my eyes have been stinging after I take out my contacts. It feels like something is in my eye and scratching it, but when I check, there is nothing in my eye. It mostly stings with my eye shut, so it feels like I have to hold my eye open to relieve the pain. What can be causing the pain?
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It shouldn't really be an issue with leaving in the contact too long. They were worn maybe 14 hours and they are supposed to be the type you could sleep in if you wanted to..."breathable contacts." And it's only started just recently, I tried switching to new contacts, same effect. It's not every night...just on occasion.

Laura The Optician
its your contact lens solution that is causing the problem.

try creating your own contact lens solution so u can find for yourself the ph that you are comfortable with.

foreign object removed

Maybe the contacts are scratching your eye.
Take some eye Drops and if that doesn't help, maybe the perscription for your contacts arent right. Go to your doctor :)

Linda J

You have wore your contacts to long. That happened to me before I had Lasik done in May of 05. Your eyes will become dry, burn or sting when you have had your contacts in to long. I accidently left mine in overnight and my eyes were so sore and red it looked like I had not had sleep in months!! If you don't have extended wear contacts you will have that happen. At the time if I had waited any longer my eyes would have become infected and I would have developed pink eye.
Have you seen your eye doctor recently? Your doctor should know whats going on with your eyes. You may also need new contacts..especially if yours aren't disposable. Best of luck! Take care of those eyes check with your eye doctor! ;)

Ms. Tee
please do not listen to laura the optician because aking ya own solution will make u blind and i know u dont want that. nut there can be a unseen scratch on the lenses that u cant see. change the contact in that eye, and if the problem is the same or gets worse, see ya eye care professional.
but it could be time to change them because when they are old, the effect it has can be abnormal

its most likely from irritation because they've been in too long without being taken out. i sometimes have these problems. do you have extended wear contacts? do you sleep in them? leave them in for long periods of time? stuff like that. thats the most likely cause for it. take em out once and a while and soak em. it might help.

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