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 I don't know how to put in/take out contacts?
I'm getting them Wednesday. They're supposed to teach me how to put them in and out, but I don't want to be there for hours with them trying to teach me.

They told me to try ...

 Does eye-color change?
Hey... i have heard that when you expose to sun your eye color your skin changes color,because of the melanin ... but if i for example cover my eyes and wear sunglases and only for example tan my ...

 Do Contacs hurt your eyes the first time you put them in??
Ive heard on yahoo answers that someone said
" the first time you put them in you'll be like OUCH!"
is it true??

ONE More Question -
- How does it feel when ...

 If i removed one eye?
if i removed one of my eyes and held it directly infront of the other. how many eyes would i see....

 How to stay focus?
How do you stay focus?...

 In hummans brown eyes is dominant over blue eye color. if a homozygous brown eyed person married a blue eye?
wat color eyes would their children have ?...

 Eye contacts?
well i need i drops and i need to clean my linse which one is the best brand name u ...

 What causes your eye to twitch?
My 4 year old daughter has been having issues with her left eye twitching and occasionally the right. Its not a bad twitch, but its noticeable. Should I be concerned about this or will it be ...

 Is pink eye caused by feces going in you eye? ?
yes some one told me that.

is it the same as ...

 Is feeding my son icecream and milk ok for now?
He spits out anything we feed him. I try to force feed him and we just create a big mess. He is 2 years old. In addition to icecream and milk...he likes chips. I know this is not healthy but what ...

 Help ME !!!!!!!!?
I have a sugar craving and have no sugar and can't drive. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!...

 My eyes hurt?
my eyes have been hurting alot lately. even when im in the dark it hurts. putting on my glasses helps, but im not supposed to wear my glasses all the time they are just for reading because i have a ...

 Eye problem?
I have founded that my eye is not normal. my left eye is -75 and my right eye is -50. i could still see things without my glasses, but not clear, especially words. so, what should i do? just wear, ...

 What is the most durable frame for the children?
My 4 years old boy always breaks his eyeglasses. Now I am looking for something durable and flexible. Any ideas?
Somebody told me< that Flexon is good, but then another person said no< not ...

 Who can save my eyes?!?!?
I HATE to wear spectacles. But somehow my eyesight just keeps deteoriating over the years which I don't understand why. In fact, my visual degree is already 600++, which I think is REALLY BAD. I&...

 What do you think is better contacts or glasses?

Additional Details
Why do you think one is better than the other?...

 I have a swollen eyelid. Do I need to see an opthamologist for this or a general practitioner?
I am not sure if an opthamologist is more appropriate treat my eyelid. Please help....

 My glasses have been broken so i have a question?
where can i go and tell them to fix my glasses thank ...

 Does anyone else see little green flying dots?
when i look right infront of me when its dark i can see them. when i was little i was scared of them and now im just confused. i have decnent vision so i don't think its a problem like that. is ...

 Eye changes?
Does anyone know why eye color sometimes changes day to day, or even hour to hour? My eyes are an icy blue when I'm depressed, and a warm gray blue when I'm happy. My husband's eyes ...

Where is the most affordable place to get eyeglasses and an exam in the Detroit area of Michigan?
My husband and I both wear glasses and my son might need them as well. In your opinion which place should I go to. I do not have optical insurance so I have to pay cash...
Additional Details
We don't receive welfare so stop the stupid comments.

welfare clinic
is perfect

welfare clinic

the clinic on queen st

St.Jhon Shopping area.

I Refuse!
i go to heritage optical

Have a WalMart in your area? They have Vision services...

try shopping around and compare prices

Sorry I am not in the Michigan area, but some places do offer discounts for multiple pairs of glasses or family discounts. You will probably find those at an independent optician rather than a chain optical. Unfortunately, those $99.00 ads/coupons usually will cost you more unless you stick to exactly what they are trying to sell you at that price. Also, some medical insurances offer members discounts on eyewear even though it is not a covered benefit. In Ct, we have Connecticare, which is a regular medical insurance, but members get a-25 or 30% discount on their eyewear. Never hurts to ask. Hope this helps.

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