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 I cant see the white board?
i really need glasses but im affraid to tell my mom since my mom always laughed that one day im not going to see like her.

I really need them because i couldnt see the shite board and ...

 Will there every be a cure for blindness.?
Say if you had both your eyes taken out due to cancer. In the future will there be an eye transplant or something?...

 Questions about contact lenses?
Just a few questions about contact lenses:

1. Are they expensive? How much would they cost for a year? Both the king you remove every night and the gas-permeable type.

2. How ...

 If you have astigmatism, can you still wear contact lenses?

 What are the repercussions of sleeping with your contacts in?

 What happens if you wear contacts on the opposite side?

 Do you have contacts?????
i am thinking of getting them after this summer and i want to know how think of them? like do you like it, does it bother you or hurt..... tell me about them!!...

 Why are my eyes bloodshot? Not hurting though.?
My eyes are quite red. I use eye drops and it still won't go away. It does not hurt or itch at all, its just red. The white area around the pupil is blotted with blood vessels. I wear contact ...

 My BF does not like my eyeglasses . I love wearing them though. What do you think of them?

 Is my eye doctor feeding me a line of bull?
I got new lenses and immediately noticed my distance vision was worse than it was before I got new ones. I asked the doctor if the company who made my lenses got the prescription wrong. He tested ...

 How safe is lasik eye surgery? Do bad procedures happen and how often?

 Why do eye boogers form(like after naps), & what happens if you leave them there?
Tons of eye boogers.....

 What can happen if you wear contacts nonstop ?
if you had contacts that are not meant to be worn continuously for a month but you do anyway, what could happen to your eyes ?
Additional Details
the contacts i have are able to let ...

 How do you know when you're going blind?
my vision is a little dodgy and when i watch things on my iPod or MP4 i cant read the texts. i really dont want glasses though because im getting bracis and im going to look like a big GEEK.

 Anyone had Lasik who also has drye eyes?
I am considering this procedure, but I have dry eyes. I'm worried Lasik will make it worse. But, I have a hard time driving at night with glasses (can't wear contacts). I am also really ...

 Does being hungry and/or thirsty effect your eyes?
I ask this because right now my eyes hurt pretty bad and the only reason I can think why is because I am hungry and thirsty !!...

 What do you think? Appointment or No Appointment?
Okay, Opinion question.
In the office I work at we have 2 doctors and they both go by appointment only, of course the occasional eye emergency walk in is taken. We also ask our patients to make ...

 Do u think i need glasses?
I cant see 15 feet+ clearly away and its blurry. I think i need glasses but im not sure. Im getting a eye exam in January but im worried that if i wate till then my eyes will get worse. Both my ...

 Is it true that wearing glasses screws up your vision?
I heard that wearing glasses all day will eventually make your eyes adjusted to them and be worse without them. Is this true?

I also heard not wearing them will strain your eyes and make ...

 Im about to run out of contacts?
Do i have to go get another eye exam to get someone more ?...

taste the rainbow
Where can i get some good cheap glasses im talking 20-30 cheap?
eye glasses. [black retangle framed]

Lauri S
I agree w/ Lori and Sparky... eyes and cheap don't belong in the same sentence, especially if you want stylish frames that meet your criteria of being black rectangle shaped. Most of the low cost businesses tend to have very limited selections for their super low prices that are advertised.

sugar gurly
u can get cheap glasses from the warehouse they work well as i have a pair

1.Do you mean 20-30 dollars cheap?
2.Or do you mean the strenghth of lenses for eye prescription 20/30?
Try Wal Mart.


perscription? go to Wal-mart optical. you can get glasses really cheap - the price includes the lenses (extra charge if you have a strong percription). I had to go there before I got vision insurance because my cost so much extra due to my perscription strenght.

agree with Lori L. Eyes and cheap do not belong in the same sentence!

Well, if you are on a budget, you can also try Sam's Club, most optical places (at least in TX) you don't need a card.

Cheapest route is using Plastic lenses. The only thing about that is, if you put AR coating (anti-reflective), you have to clean your glasses A LOT. But if you don't put it on there, good luck seeing at night when you are driving. And make sure you put the UV coating as well.

Plastic frames tend to be cheaper than wire or frameless, but you can find some cheap wire frames as well.

Zakko D.
Wize Eyes outlets

Lori L O^O
I am leaving this up to the other eye freaks in here. in our office EYES and CHEAP do not belong in the same sentence! Sorry! O^O

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