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 I broke my glasses! What should I do?
Okay, my glasses were on the floor, and I stepped on them, I think.
My mom doesn't know yet.
If I tell her or she finds out, she'll flip!!!!
So, I was just gonna tell her ...

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 Which is better glasses or contacts??
i like to play sports and everything is like fuzzy im thinking having contacts for sports but it's a lot harder to take care of them but glasses are easy to use but they fall off plus they look ...

 Eye vision... 6/9 (20/30) What does it mean?
I understand the eye vision as +3, -5, etc.

Can anyone accurately tell what the following visions are if converted to something like +/-3.5

Distant Vision
6/9 (20/30) C...

 Would you think I needed glasses/corrective lenses?
I had a regular eye exam for a physical. I found out that I have 20/40 in one eye and 20/70ish in the other. I was wondering would this require glasses/corrective lenses (whichever you choose to call ...

 Will straining my eyes on the computer screen and tv damage my eye sight?
i was told that ever since i was child but some people told me that eye sight is based on genetics. which is ture? and will reducing the time that i used my computer help imporove my eyesight cuz my ...

 Do contact lenses have UV protection?

 What should I do?I am like really bored every day???
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 How long does it take to get contact lenses?
hi, i'm planning on going for an eye exam + to get contacts this week at pearl vision. i am wondering how many days it takes to get the contacts you chose (i'm planning on getting colored ...

 Will medicaid cover color contacts?

 I get terrible red eye in pictures even with red eye reduction on?
is there anyway of preventing this, ie , eye drops, or clear contacts, i know u can edit pictures after, but i was wondering if there is a way of preventing it in the first ...

 Can you wear contacts lenses ,if you don't like to stick your finger in your eye?
I have leary about touching my eye ,could I still wear contacts?...

 Answer this?
squiggly line in my eye, i see you there lurking in the shadows but when i try to look at you, you scurry away. Oh why squiggly line do you scurry away, my squiggly line in my eye....

 Cosmetic Eye Surgery for more Slanted Eye Look?? Help!?
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 I wear glasses but i want a new look. has anybody tried lasik surgery?
in the future,i'm thinking about trying lasik surgery. i'm tired of wearing glasses and i'm skeptical about contact lenses. so would anyone recommend lasik eye surgery?...

 I have a question about cross eyes?
I have a friend that has had contacts for 10 years and it has corrected her right cross eye and blurred vision. She recently started getting headaches and blurred vision. So, I went with her to the ...

 What happens if you sleep a couple of hours with your contacts on???

 Can using contacts when not needed damage my eysight?
I'm nearsighted and i want to get contacts so that i can see longer distances away without my glasses. If i wear contacts all of the time, even reading and using the computer, will that damage ...

 Eye issue. Need Help NOW!!?
Ok so my eye is very very red and irritating. IT hurts so bad that my eyes were watering and my nose was running. I wear contacts and the contacts make it worse but even without the contacts it still ...

 What medicine/supplement can change eye and hair color?
My friend used to have black hair and medium dark brown eyes no matter the lighting. He also suffered from depression, social anxiety, and was just an angry person. Then out of no where his eye color ...

viva le Eire!
When you cant see in the distance, is it near or short sighted??
funny story, i went to an opticians because i know my vision wasn't what it used to be, they told me it was absolutely perfect and they couldn't do anything for me (they ,must have thought i was nuts!) but then i went to the4 doc after my eyesight got even worse and he told me i was "half blind" (slight exaggeration on his part!), so he sent a letter to the eye and ear hospital and im still waiting on an appointment (takes about a frikin month!)

anyway, back to the original question, is it near or short sighted?
Additional Details
oops, made a little mistake!! sorry!

Elven Vampire
short sighted O_o...

Marcus Fenix
Always fresh

If you can't see far you're nearsighted (meaning you can see near better) & if you can't see near you're farsighted (meaning you can see far better) . It's total opposite so that's why it's so confusing.

"nearsightedness" and "shortsightedness" are the same thing.

Americans prefer the term "nearsighted", Brits prefer the term "shortsighted".

they are synonyms.

Far sighted and near-sighted. You can see near when you are just near-sighted, you can't see near if you are far-sighted.

I find it easier to remember in the other way:
If you are near sighted, you can see what is near you.
If you are far sighted, you can see what is far away.

So if you can't see in the distance, you are near sighted.

short (near) sighted

You're near sighted. If you're far sighted you can see far, but not near.

1st of all, it's near & far sighted, & if things far away are blurry, it's nearsightedness. i have it too

john e
Itis a good guesss that you are near-sighted or myopic. It is not conclusive, however.
Some people cannot see clearly at a distance because they are highly farsighted or because they have low vision or for other reasons.
How could an oprician determine that you your vision was absolutely perfect without examining you?
Visit a professional.

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