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 Do you ever feel uncomfortable when your eye doctor gets really close to your face with that flashlight?
I cant help but laugh and its so awkward when they have to look into your pupil or something with the ...

 Dropped contacts reusable?
ok, so i was trying to wear my contacts, and it kinda fell off. I was searching for it in the sink for like 10 min before i gave up. I come 20 min later and find in on top on the faucet. It was ...

 I have a white dot on my eye.?
On my eye, on the edge of the Coloured circle (not pupil) Which is green for me - I've got a white dot. Now this has happened to my mom and her doctor said it was a flake of paint and removed it ...

 I have blurry vision after reading is this normal?
When i finish reading after 5 minutes or more i have blurry vision (for distance) for about 20 minutes after than everything goes back to normal. Sometimes i get blurry vision randomly then my eyes ...

 My left eye?
my left eye is weak i am only 14 yrs of age and i want it back to normal without any operation or lens or glasses of surgery is there any ANY other way which i can have it back to normal any ...

 Macular Degeneration: Apparently 85% of people diagnosed with it go blind. Wow, thats a lot.Any comments?

 Contact Lenses!!! PLEASE HELP!?
I'm having my contact lense consultation on Thursday in Specsavers. But the lady on the counter said they don't usually give them out until ur 15 or so... So what can I do when I'm ...

 New contact wearer: Today I just got a trial pair, they said it lasts about a month...?
and I'm wondering if it'll be fine a month from now, even if I don't use it. Like I tried them on today, took them out; cleaned them, put then in the case in some solution, and a month ...

 Should contact lens prescription differ from that of glasses.?
I have just got new contacts and they differ from my glasses by .25. My prescription is 1.50 for glasses and 1.75 for lenses can anyone tell me if this is OK because I dont want to open them without ...

 How are my eyes Hazel when my parents have Blue and Brown eyes?
My Parents have brown and blue eyes and my grandparents had Brown Hazel and Brown but i have Green Hazel how is this possible?...

 I can't get my contact lense out of my eye, please help!?
I put it in thsi morning to I could part my bangs the other way (I only require one for the right eye) but as soon as I put it in it started to bother me :(

I only wore them twice or so ...

 Can I improve my eyesight?

My eyesight used to be brilliant but now at 14 it has got a bit pants!
Whenever I place my index fingers on the sides of my eyes nearest to my ears and pull my eyes back, I find ...

 Are contacts dangerous?
i want to get blue contacts but is there a possitblaty that it could go to the back of your eye?...

 Is cataract removal covered by Medicare?
I'm asking for an elderly friend of the family. He's and 83-year-old vet who has barely functional vision....

 Brain tumors?
if you have a brain tumour can an optician see it when they lookin your eyes? can they see it no matter where in your head it is, or is it just certain areas of the brain that can be seen. what test ...

 Directions on using new contact lenses?
Hello! I am going to use my new (and still sealed) Freshlook Colorblends contact lenses (in Pure Hazel) and I bought Opti-Free's RepleniSH Solution for them. It's been a long time since I�...

 Would it be a good idea to see an eye doctor anyways?
Lately I've noticed that I have a bit of a hard time focusing on words when taking notes in class. I can still make out what the words are, but it takes a little effort. Would it be worth it ...

 How to make my eyesight worse?
i want to make it so i have a eyeglasses perscription of -3.00 in both eyes or over
Additional Details
i just want to know so dont ask y or anything like ...

 Why have I suddenly developed an eye twitch?
I cant decide whether is psychological or physical (its only my Left eye) because of the symptoms:

It’s happen before very rarely when I was really stressed or tired<...

 Is there anyway to help a nearsighted person's eye sight get better naturally?
Without the use of medication or surgery....

jamie c
When i wake up i sometimes can't see out my right eye, all i see is bright green?

You must go to an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) for an eye-check.

Wow, this is very serious! Unless your room is only bright green on the right side or you have windows that a large tree is right out side of. You should have your eyes checked - they can tell if there is something in there and some eye checks can reveal tumors. If this checks fine you might want to consult your Dr and see if he can set you up for a CT scan to rule out any tumors. Best of luck to you in the future!

Nurse Answer Mama
See your eye doc, Immediately!

Hi. Although I have never heard of seeing bright green, I don't see out of my right eye when I first wake up because I have a muscle imbalance and it take around 10mins or so for my right eye to "turn on". However, my eye is turned very visibly outward when I first wake up. Does you eye wander or drift from the center?
At any rate, you should go see an opthalmologist ASAP. I have heard of retinal problems when people see white or star bursts, but maybe everyone see something different. Don't ignore it though!
Good Luck! Hope everything turns out fine.

to tell ya the truth...........
wow !! thats weird...
see a dr or at least stop sleeping on your fist, lol :)


Not an Optometrist, they can only prescribe glasses.

Alice K
You need to see an ophthalmologist--not an optometrist--as soon as you can get an appointment. This could be something serious.

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