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 How many pairs of glasses should you have?
i only have one pair that i use everyday. is it best to get another pair?...

 I have really screwed up.?
I have had bad vision since I was a kid, but now I am worried. I think I have truly f*cked up (no better word, really) my vision and permanently destroyed it.

When I went to get a checkup ...

 Why do opticans say you should have an eye exam once every 1/2/3 years? What if.....?
What if a few days after the exam you grew some problem with your eyes. Then youd have to wait 350+ days for another exam?...

 Will i get better if i wear glasses all the time.?
i am nearsighted. my vision is not that bad. my docter said i just started. thanks for your time and thanks for answering....

 Can you get a lazy eye? or is it just hereditary?
Hi, I'm starting to notice something weird about my eyes. One kinda goes to a side, it's not really noticable though, so unnoticible that I don't think it's even there. My dad ...

 I met someone whose eyes have a different size pupils?
Does this indicate something wrong with the CNS 0r otherwise?...

 Is there an at home way to tint soft contacts?

Additional Details
I am not being cheap. I wear a plus 8 and cant seem to find colored contacts in that strength. I used to have an eye doctor who tinted them for me...he has since ...

 Do I have pinkeye?
my eyelid is swollen, the eye is pink, it stings when i open it, and is watering profusely. not sticky or pusy at all. it feels like i got jabbed in the eye. and it is very sensitive to light.

 Can someone explain how I got an eyelash in my eye when I was sleeping?
This morning I woke up at around 3 a.m. because my eye was bothering me. I went to the mirror and I saw that there was an eyelash in it. How in the world did it get into my eye? It wasn't there ...

 Contacts vs. Glasses????
i was wondering what the difference in glasses and contacts was. Price included which is cheaper and which is better?...

 Does it hurt to have your eyes dilated?
Okay, so I'm 30 years old and have never had my eyes dilated at the eye doctor. I can't stand eye drops so I always tell them not to do it. I'm such a baby when it comes to having my ...

 Can I get new glasses?
About two years ago i got my eyes checked at a walmart vision center and got new glasses through them. [[old optometrist was too expensive]]

Ive just rencently moved out on my own, dont ...

 Swollen eyelid - diagnosis?
The eyelid over my right is slightly swollen, mainly along the eyelash line. It started Wednesday night (this is now Friday I am writing this). I did get some color contacts this week and I am ...

 Is it ok to use water instead of contact solution?
i ran out and my mom wont buy me more till tommorrow morning and she said just to use water.
she never had contacts so i dont know if that will be ok???
please answer quickly

i ...

 Am i entittled to a free eye examination/glasses when i have a Maternity Exemption Certificate?
Im not sure if i qualify for any help with costs of eye tests or glasses. My mother has been diagnosed with Glaucoma, and ive noticed my eyes are getting worse, (also getting headaches aswell) So ...

 Why do people have different coloured eyes? blue, brown etc?

 I have twitching under my left eye?
this is sooo annoying. I have twitching under my left eye for like 4 days. It comes on and off. Is it a nerve? Is it because it's the first time in a long time i wear glasses? I've been ...

 My eyes are getting worse. Do you suggest any vitamins or diets?
My eyes visions are getting bad, and I am only 28.

I think it is because of I play online computer games too much.

Do you suggest any kind of vitamins, diets, or meds, etc., to ...

 What colour contacts suits a red head?

 Is it normal to be both nearsighted and farsighted?
I am farsighted in one eye, and nearsighted in the other, so I have a weird prescription. I also have astigmatism. My right eye isn't very bad, but my left is. Is it normal to have this type of ...

What should i do, my eyes hurt? quick urgent?
i am using opti-free replenish and that is what the eye doctor recommends. and focus contact lenses. what should i do, i get home at 2:45. i have no eye drops with me, why do they hurt? i used plenty of solution. the case and solution and lenses are new too
Additional Details
i dont have solution. its at home too

go to sleep for 1 week and never wake up.

your eyes are just getting used to them, use some of the solution as eye Drops.

Problematic Princess
Yikes...this sounds like something you REALLY should see a doctor for!

Can't be too careful with your eyes, right?
Not to scare you or anything but there have been some pretty bad allergic reactions in the news from time to time, to Contact Lens solution or fluids.
Is it possibly you have an allergic reaction to the solution and even your doctor didn't know?

Or is it just a bit too strong for you?

I think you should head to the doctor if the burning doesn't lessen or go away - you could damage your eyes!! :(

Jess R
I've had that happen before - when worse comes to worst, take the contact out in the bathroom and just put it back in with water. Sometimes an eyelash or dust can get caught under the lense - trust me, the water won't dry them out all that bad if you're taking them out in a couple hours.

also, check the inside of your lid - you may have a sty (it looks like a little pimple).

I would recommend going to the bathroom and cleaning the contacts with water. Also, try flushing your eyes while you have the contacts out. Without any solution or drops that's about all I can think of.

They should not hurt. If they hurt there is something not right. You should contact your eye doctor and explain what is happening. You may be allergic to something, or you may have contact induced pink eye. In any case, you do need to consult your doctor again. Here are a couple of links about pink eye in case that is what is going on.


Just because they are new, doesn't mean they are free from defects. Take them out before you damage your eyes. You can buy new contacts.

Xx.Bloody Rose.xX
Clean them..then try them again...they're just new...if they keep hurting your eyes go to your doctor or something

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