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 Is this eyesight bad?
My optician told me that my left eye was -1.75 and my right was -2.00.

what does he mean by this?
are my eyes badly shortsighted?...

 I got a twitch in my left eye 2-3 days ago and i still have it?
Im a 16 year old girl
2 maybe 3 days ago i got a twitch in my left eye
I havent had one ever before
It makes my eye ball twitch
It comes and goes
Could this be serious?...

 Is it possible to change the colour of your eye?

 What does magnisium do to your eye if you look at the white light.?
what does magnisium do to your ...

 HELP! my left eye went BLACK!!!!!?
just yesterday I woke up and noticed my left eye wasn't seeing anything. First it was completely dark, than my vision was like chrome-vision. Before that I have had some problems with my eyes ...

 How much do contacts cost?
I want contacts because I'm tired of having to wear my glasses when driving or reading...

I'm near-sighted and couldn't care less about changing the color of my eyes (I ...

 How much do glasses typically cost?

 My friend left her contact lens in too long and now it is stuck to her eye. Any suggestions on how to remove?

 Contacts vs. glasses, which would you choose as the better option?

 My eyes became so itchy, i scratched so hard, now its swelling and little blood came out with my tears?
will this have permanent damage on my eyes like will my eyes look different from now on? Im just concerned because many people have complemented that i have great eyes and it was just right. And ...

 Can you tell whether or not someone has astigmatism by looking at them? If so, how?

Additional Details
... and... does everyone with astigmatism have glasses / contacts?...

 Do I need glasses?
I already just found out my vision wasn't that good when I tested out the letter chart, where you cover one eye and look at the letters. On the three tiny rows at the bottom, on the two most ...

 Your eye color?
I will rate the best answer as best answer just dont lie and has to be realistic and ill send u something on ur E-...

 What exactly can happen if you constantly stare at a computer everyday?
I was wondering what exactly could happen. I have myopia and astigmatism and I wear contacts. I get at least 4-6 hours of computer time everyday....

 I wear my contacts for very long periods at a time. They are not the night and day kind they're just normal...
How much damage can this do to my eyes? How bad is it? I'm talking like almost one month periods.....

 Why are some people more succeptable to redeye than others?
my friend never does, even when everyone else does? exactly the same pose, exactly the same direction of looking, straight into the camera...its doesnt make sense...what is different about their ...

 Dilated pupils at the optometrist - now a headache?
I went to the eye doctor today and had my pupils dilated with some sort of drops. As I was waiting for about 5-10 minutes for my eyes to dilate, I started to get a headache - like an eye strain- ...

 Advice on a constantly watering eye please .........?
My partner is currently suffering from a constantly watering eye ... just in the one eye ..... been like it for 2-3 weeks and going strong. No soreness or itchiness, just the frustration of always ...

 9 months ago I had the Lasik laser eye surgery done and saw very well; now I don't see so well. Why?
Let's say I see with a sharpness of 95%, while after the surgery it was 100%. It's annoying....

 I sometimes see flashes of light floating in front of me,are my eyes going?
sometimes in the corner of my ...

Waldo Biggerstaff™
What happens if someone gets you with a laser pointer in the eye?
It happened to to me twice already and though its not comfortable, my vision is still perfect.

Darren G
istant death!!! muhahahahaha

*by the way I FOUND WALDO*!!

well if they keep doing it u will become blind

Laser pointer can lead into slow loosing of eye sight or sometimes direct blindness, if too much laser goes in. Be careful.

actually, the frequency of the laser is on a different wavelength than the diodes in your cornea can receive. so basically the laser will never interfere with the neurons in your brain.

however, it is damaging to senior adults

It all depends on how much exposure the eye gets and what color the laser it. They have found the green laser to be more damaging then the red laser due to its shorter wavelength. It can be permanent damage for some people.

Your Mom
It can blind you if you keep it there. but otherwise, you are fine. careful though. It burns your retina

but with short term things, just like your other senses, one loud noise won't damage yoru ear, but if it was consistant, it could.

i think your head is suppose to explode

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