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 Is it just me or....?
well i just now got a pair of contacts and eveything seems weird...

i have been wearing glasses for about 4 years and now that i am wearing contacts, everything looks magnified....

 Is there any reason apart from not putting in it in properly?
that my contact lens pops out?...

 What should I do about my eyes?
My vision is REALLY bad,I'm only 12 years old and wear these really thick glasses all the time.

I think it might be genetic because my mom had the same problem. I make sure I don'...

 How far under your eyelid can a contact go?
Oh, so i fell asleep with my contacts in last night, so i thought....but when i woke up..i ended up poking my right eye....figured i must've taken em out. (my eyes aren't that bad, 20/25)<...

 What is lazy eye?
my 5 yr old kid has been diagnosed with it and doc told her for spectacles.is there any cure for it ..like pranayam,medicine,dietry supplement,lazer treatment at some age,exercise etc..pls advise....

 Contact lenses caring?
Which would you say is the best for your eyes and for your contact lenses? I use ReNu.
Additional Details
Could people living in Greece please answer, because there are certain products ...

 Does a certain color blind you easier than others?

 How do you know if your contact lenses are flipped or not?
I always suffer that every morning, trying to find out if they are flipped or not
everybody says that if your contacts are flipped and you put it in your eyes, it comes back out,
but mine ...

 Why do every time i go to the opticians to check my eyes....?
Why do every time i go to the opticians to check my eyes the person who checks my eyes they shine a bright light in my eyes

won't that make my eyes even blinder by shining it into my ...

 What does is it mean when one of your eyes twitches?
My eye has left eye has been doing this off and one for about 2 days. Just wondering if you heard any wives tales or medical info about why this happens....

 Breathing through your eyes?
I was just wondering if its possible?

I've heard that if you've had your adinoids removed, and hold your nose and mouth closed and push air as if to breath, air is released from ...

 Hey - Do you like my new retro white frame eyeglasses ? I do get some complements on new glasses. How are they

 Red shot eyes?
When I go in my locker for football my eye turns red shot only temporary. However evrytime afterwards it goes to normal. I wear contacts but why does this happen?...

 Is it dangerous if some1's eye pressure is 38? is it 2 high?
my mums eye pressure is 38 and she wanted 2 know if its dangerous like if she might loose her eyesight i hope not! :(...

 Astigmatism in one eye--Should I wear glasses or contacts?
I was diagnosed with astigmatism in my left eye when I was 7, and wore glasses in the first grade, but didn't really need them. So I stopped wearing them. I am now 26 and my left eye is EXTREME...

 Do I look better with or without glasses on. I have trouble wearing contacts. My glasses are expensive Italian
Additional Details

 Want contacts?
I'm thinking of getting contacts sometime this summer. The only problem is I really hate touching my eyes. How long does it take to get used to putting them in and taking them out....

 Dark cloud as i see out of my left eye what could this be a sign of?
iv had this for ...

 My 8 months old daughter get nailed in her eye by me,actually i was?
trying to feed her and accidentally my finger gets in her right eye,she cried too much she was trying to open her eyes but as soon as she open her eyes she closed them again and it feels like she is ...

 What can I do to help my legally blind mom? PLZ HELP IM DESPERATE!!!!!?
She has been diabetic for decades her blood sugar is not under control.

She is 60 years old and sees 20/200 in one eye, and only fingers/light in the other.

I want to know if ...

What happens if a mosquito bites your eye?
I've always wanted to know because i've gotten bites from when i'm asleep around my eyes (cheeks forehead) but what would happen if it were my eyes?
*Could someone be partially blind? (probably in a certain spot of the eye??)
*Could someone die? because it's the eye.
*If stung through the lid does the mosquitos get the blood from the eye or eyelid?
Feel free to answer some or all of the questions.

Mahdi A
We have become blind!!!!!

Ouch! I suppose that there would be a lot of painful swelling, but I think the eye would heal for the most part. It would be extremely hard for a mosquito to bite that area though, even if it got past the lid, you would blink before it could bite you, the mosquito would be forced off or be crushed.

A mosquito will not have the chance to bite you in the eye due to the natural protection system of the eye like the eye led that will automatically close when a foreign object touches it, also the saline liquid (same of the tears liquid) that is in the eye it will kill the insect if succeeded to pass the eye led. So don't be afraind, That will never happen

moquitoes will never bite your eyeballs. maybe your eyelids... but that is a very minimal possibility. Mosquitoes do not aim those areas.

The bites u have got, u may need to check your sleeping environment, like your pillow (had it been sunned, or is it clean) and whether there may be dust mites or u may have some allergies that causes those blotchiness and itchiness.

May I suggest u to visit your medical physician for a concrete answer.

dances with unicorns
First, remember that a mosquito doesn't actually "sting," but only bites. The venom she injects (and only females bite) is to keep the blood flowing (the venom is an anticoagulant), and she doesn't ingest it - she uses it to incubate her eggs. You have to think about this logically. Would they be partially blind? No - the parts of our eye that are actually involved in seeing are far from the front of the eye, and well away from the depth the mosquito could reach. Even an injury to the cornea doesn't mean that a person will be blind. Could someone die? Probably not - they would have to be INTENSELY allergic to the venom, and they would probably already know that. I'm allergic, but it would take far more than one bite to cause a severe-enough reaction to kill me. If bitten through the eyelid, it's *remotely* possible that the blood could come from the eye itself, but it's unlikely. The proboscis of the mosquito just isn't long enough to go through the eyelid and into the eye, as a rule.

If you're getting bites when you sleep, it's time to find some mosquito netting for nighttime use. They do carry diseases, no to mention the fact that they're just plain ITCHY and it's no fun to be bitten! I have mosquito netting that I got at an army surplus store that I use for camping; there is also netting that will drape over your bed (usually hung from the ceiling or a frame over the bed) to allow you to sleep mosquito-free :-)

You do not really have enough blood in your eyeball for a mosquito to even want to go there.

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