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 Contacts question?
For anyone else that wears contacts, what do you do if you want to swim at the beach or a water park without having to wear your glasses. When water does get in my eyes and I have them in, it hurts....

 Can you really tell the size of a man's crotch by the size of his hand????
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 Help with contacts please?
i just got contacts a few days ago and its really hard getting them out so far i have to rub my eyes and hope for it to be in a place where i could just pick it up and take it out putting them in is ...

 Contacts or Glasses?
What do you think I should do? Keep my glasses or get contacts?
Your opinion would be much appreciated. =)

Here's some pics.

With glasses:

 Has any one ever fell asleep with they're eyes open?

 Contacts slide when blinking?
My contacts on occasion slide up when I blink and it's quite irritating for I cannot see anything when this happens. It's only just started a month ago when I got a new box of contacts and ...

 What chemical can I pour on my eyes to change my eye color?
I swear I will even attempt to put bleach in my eyes just to change my eye color....

 How to convince mom and dad to get me contact?
my parents just won't let me get contacts
how did u
Additional Details
going into 8th grade if u wanted to ...

 Is it normal to have headaches from new eye glasses?
i'm near sighted and just started wearing glasses but pretty much only to drive at night...the problem is, i think they're giving me headaches...is this normal, will it go away...any ...

 Trouble seeing?
I have a lot of trouble reading the boards from school, even in the first or second row. I have an Rx, but I am not going to be able to get glasses/contacts for a couple months. Any suggestions to ...

 What does rn stand for in the health field?

 Laser eye surgery??? im only 15?
i went to the eye doctor this morning and as usual my eye sight has gotten worse. they told me that i was already liable to have the surgery done.... they have to special order all of my lens... ( i ...

 Eye twitch?
Hey so I have this twitch in my left eye it happens about once every thirty seconds or so and at some points it looks like the two eyelids are almost about to close why is this happening and how can ...

 Itchy red eyes help!!!!?
for the last 2 weeks my eyes have been so irritated. I usually have bad allergies, but my eyes aren't ever this irritated. My right eye has been red for a few days now. It will go away and come ...

 What causes eye matter? AKA, eye burgers I like to call them.?
What causes them? Im not talking about the eye crust you get when you get pink eye. I want to know, what causes the matter to build up in a normal eye. My husband is so sweet, and wipes mine out ...

 How do you take the redness out of an eye?
I'm not letting myself sleep. Where I am right now it's 1:32 AM and my eyes are looking red. Some people are asking me why and it's because I don't feel like the mood to sleep. So ...

 How long does it take Specsavers to make glasses?
From your experience, how long is it between choosing glasses and getting them at Specsavers? Ones with no coatings.
Thank you ...

 What would happen if you wore both contacts and glasses at the same time?
Would your eyesight be extremely magnified? Would your eyesight be worse?...

 Are contacts bad for you?
When i went to the glasses shop cuz i wanted contacts, the person said that i shudnt cuz its bad for ur eyes. even my mom said that. he was even more shocked cuz i wias only 12 that time and was even ...

 When should you get prescription glasses?
Both my parents and my sister wear glasses. I'm sure I don't have 20/20 vision. Does waiting to get glasses help or hurt your vision in the long run?...

What does it mean when your eyes go black for a minute and then go back to normal?

That happens in my left eye, I get a black spot in the middle, but it only lasts for a second, not a minute. Could be a candidate for a stroke. Have it looked into.

Maybe your Heat Vision is starting to manifest itself...

it means that it was lacking oxygen. you can try this demonstaration but dont do it for an extended period of time, in matter of fact just stop when it happens. If you press on your eyelids when your eyes are open ofcourse and put some pressure on your eye your small eye vessels will close up and not allow the optic nerve to recieve enough oxygen and thus the entire world through that eye will appear black(this is actually a symptom of severe glaucoma). Your eyes are really oxygen hungry organs even if you stand up to fast and get a blood rush momentarily your vision will get blurry, just because your eyes need o2.

Could be a detached retina. I had the same thing happen to me so I went to eye doctor and told me that was problem. Get your eyes check to make sure though.

the other answers are good.

but most of the time if both eyes "go black" at the same time, its some blood pressure problem like postural hypotension.

if both eyes "go black" at the same time, its never retinal detachment.

Sec Educashun
Like after you get up quickly? Mine do that sometimes. I think it's related to blood pressure.

Work and School
Sometimes when i stand up will fast, I'll black out for a splite second.This happens because your blood pressure drops as soon as you stand on your feet and your body is slow to adjust it, thats why you black out for a short second. This happens to me when i am tired

Check with your optometrist or opthamologist. He/she can give you a better answer. Your doctor will look at both your eye & health history. It might be nothing but it can mean other eye health concerns like glaucoma or retinal detachment.

if possible, see your eye health care professional asap :)

Do you mean your vision goes black? This could be a non painful migrain or blackout. Or do you mean eye physically goes black as in the pupil (black part of eye) dilates (expands) and then contracts? This is due to the intake of light.

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