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 Piece of glass in eye?
i broke a candleholder this morning, and i'm pretty sure a tiny fleck zoomed into my eye. it doesn't hurt, and there isn't any visible damage (though i'm aware i might not be able ...

 If I press my closed eyelid with my finger, I see a faint blue dot in the darkness. What's that called?
Those blue dots are at the corner of my eyes.
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Are there some exercises that I can do to stop the rot?...

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 What causes you to see black wavy lines and spots a lot?
Kinda reminds me of little worms crawling around
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I don't drink!
Sometimes I do expierence flashes of light!...

 Does it hurt when you get your eyes get dialated?
like, i went to the eye doctor and he was all like: at your age (12) we usually start this and he said it was a drop that nummed your eye... it was to check something but idk what it was, and i threw ...

 Why are the whites of my eyes turning yellow?
a couple of years ago i suddenly noticed the whites of my eyes have turned really yellow... i really hate it :(
Does anyone else have this?
Does anyone know the cause of it?
I don'...

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Why does my vision get blurry sometimes whenever I try to read a book or when reading?
My eyes cant seem to focus, and my vision gets all blurry. It usually corrects itself when I move back, ...

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What are you suggestions? Should I consider ...

 My contact lense is stuck in my eye?
i put my soft contact lense in my left eye this morning, and when i did i think it was inside out because it was uncomfortable but then i tried to get it out, and i couldnt find it. not for about 4 ...

 Contact lens???
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 OMG WHY CANT i SEE??? !!!?
omg guys!!

i was fine about 20 min ago,, then all of a sudden, one of my eyes cant see properly!!

its like if i look at my face in the mirror i can see the right side of ...

 Can I wear contacts, I kind of have a lazy eye, its not really really lazy but its a little?

 To everyone who has eye contacts?
What do ya do in a pool.... do you wear goggles?
or just go without.
What about in the ocean?...

 What causes bags uder your eyes???
i no its because of lack of sleep but what does it do to your skin that makes under your eyes darker?...

 Prescription for New Glasses??
I already have glasses but want another pair with the same prescription but different frames. Is it possible for me to go back to the optometrists where I got my glasses and pick out new frames and ...

What does it mean when the whites of someone's eyes have a discoloration(not talking about pink-eye)?
Is it a lack of vitamins/malnutrition? Or is it a prelude to a bigger problem in the future?

Jackson Mile
I know that if someone's whites are yellow, it's a possible sign of steroid abuse. That's the extent of my knowledge on the subject.

Could be jaundice, Vitamin C overdose (yes it can really happen, or burst blood vessel in the eye.

Yellow is usually the liver, usually from drinking way too much for way too long?

If it's a yellowish tint, it could be jaundice. Better get the person checked by a doctor for sure.

Melissa F
yellow? if so it most likely signals a problem in the liver. have your liver enzymes checked.

Depends on the color it is... Yellow tint, for example, could be related to hepatitis.

could pingueculas or pterygiums go to eye doctor and have checked out

Depends on the color, there are a number of indications for various things. Jaundice shows yellow in the whites of the eyes for example.

YELLOW EYES = JAUNDICE!!?? No...more likely "Pinguecula"

Every time someone posts on Yahoo Answers that they have "yellow eyes", 50 posters yell that they have liver problems and "jaundice" and suggest an emergent/immediate visit to the E.R. or whatever.

Fact is true jaundice in the eyes is fairly rare. I've been practicing 7 years and I've *never* seen it in any patient's eyes. the chances of an otherwise healthy person having enough liver problems to acquire yellow eyes is in my estimation extremely low. People with liver problems generally have many more symptoms and more health problems than just "yellow" in their eyes. By the time they are jaundiced, they usually already know they have liver problems.

Of course the only way to tell what you really have that is making your eyes yellow is to see an optometrist or ophthalmologist. So if your eyes look "yellow" to you, you probably need an eye examination. Actually you definitely would need an eye exam, b/c while I personally think jaundice is rare, it is a fairly serious condition so you'd want to rule that out 1st.

But IMO the vast majority of people who complain about having "yellow eyes" have "pingueculae", not jaundice:


A pinguecula is an inflammatory response usually from UV exposure. It is not usually dangerous. There are no eyedrops to make a pinguecula less yellow, the only real treatment is surgical excision.

depends on the color of the discoloration. if you're talking about the yellow in the corner of the eye only, that's usually caused from scarring from eye sunburns. But if BOTH eyes are yellow and all of the whites are yellow, then usually it's jaundice. Jaundice could be caused by inflammation of the liver, medications you have taken and your liver cannot get rid of them and it's affecting your liver. Jaundice is caused by an accummulation of bilirubin in your body and it backs up into your blood system. If this is the case, DEFINATELY go see a doctor.

they maybe high

Could be a diet or health problem. Diabetes or Jaundice, for example.

Yellow color could be jaundice or liver disease.

what color ? you didn't say

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