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What does it mean if your eye twitches?
cuz im not particularly stressed about anything but my right eye keeps tweaking out on me and i have no idea why!?

how can i make it stop??

Lori L O^O
Consider the hours that you sleep. This can happen if you are not getting enough sleep, even if you are not particularly stressed about anything. Stress on your body can be good and fun stress, like parties, movies, shopping, having friends over late, driving around just to have fun, so if you are low on sleep, you might be getting sympsoms of your body telling you to slow down a bit and rest.

just a muscle spasm. put a cold compress on it for about 15 minutes.

In my mexican family, my mom tells me it's air...lol. I think it's a muscle spasm. Sometimes, when I sweat a lot, like at the gym, and then I go outside, where it's cold, I get the eye muscle spasms. Maybe that's what you got going on. I suggest waiting it out..it'll go away..don't worry girl.

I have heard that dehydration can cause the twitches. I get them every so often, and have found that drinking lots of water does seem to make them stop.

I had the same problem for months. You just have a muscle that is stressed for some reason and acting up. Way to help stop it is to use your hand/fingers and hold it to stop it every time it twitches. Then rub it several times a day to relax the muscle.

its either muscle spasms (like the first person said), or it could be that you have air. if its muscle spasms, check out the first answer. it its just air... drink something thatll make you burp alot.

You could be stressed out and don't really realize it. OR you could be consuming too much caffeine.

lol to sophie.
it's most likely a muscle spasm. go to sleep and relax. your muscles are probably tense. if it is not better by the morning, then do the obvious, and see your physician or opthomologist.
i had a weird muscle spasm in my nose. and it was really weird. it was because i was stressed out. i took deep breaths and went to sleep and it was better after resting. don't worry too much about it. you'll probably be fine.

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