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 What can u do to get good eye vision and not wear my glasses?
I hate glasses so much and contacts are annoying you have to put them in and out every day.So what are the alternatives?...

 Can i use same prescription for my eyeglasses and contact lenses?

 Something in my eye, please help?
Last week i was showering and got something in my eye, I'm unsure was it was but it didn't feel like soap, just a piece of grit. I tried washing it out with water as best i could, after i ...

 I cant swallow my capsule for my eye..
well i have a chalazion on my eye lid aka (a lump on eyelid) and we went to the doctor and he gave me this eye stuff and these capsule called diclocil..
but the thing is normally when i get ...

 One eye wouldn't focus when I woke up this morning?
This has happened a few times, but when I woke up this morning, my left eye wouldn't focus...it felt like I was cross-eyed or something--but just one eye. It was pretty scary! It took like 45 ...

 Is it bad if my eyes are just getting worse and worse?
Every year I need new, stronger glasses to replace my old ones... Is this really bad or is it normal? My eyesight is EXTREMELY bad without glasses too. To read a book without glasses would require it ...

 What is your eye color?

 My eyes re killing me like there is a needle inside.?
everytime i blink it hurts and whn i watch tv or sit byu a pc it tears and it is blurred!! i take off my contacts and even wit the glasses on its a pain...PLEASE HELP I DONT KOW WHATS WRONG... and ...

 Is cigarette smoke better or worse for your eyes than marijuana smoke?
I'm just curious on the differences between the chemical make-ups of the two types of smoke, and how they affect the eyes overall. I have an eye condition that makes them sensitive to a lot of ...

 Can staring at a computer screen all day effect your sight?

 When i wake up my eyes are stuck together!?
Lately i have been waking up with my eyes slightly stuck together, like its not very bad, i can open by myself but its annoying! there a little itchy and barely red, i have had pink eye before and i ...

 I wear glasses right now but I'm getting rid of them what are some other good alternatives to glasses?

 Redness relief eye drops?
Okay I was just wondering what the best brand of eye drops is for redness? I've tried Visine and it doesn't work so well for me. And I have Bausch & Lomb Advance Redness Relief (or ...

 Annual Eye Exam ? for those who are in their early 40's?
I'm 42 and had my annual exam at the optometrist today. For 7-yrs my vision has been stable, I wear contacts but today there was a slight change, it went a half from 5:50-6:00, not much, the ...

 If i get laser eye treatment,can i join army?

 Lasik surgery vs. contact lenses. Your opinion???
Okay, so I am SICK of wearing glasses. I am 15, and I play lacrosse. It is near IMPOSSIBLE to wear those goggles over glasses, and it's hard to play when you can't see the ball.


 Where's the best place to go for glasses apart from Specsavers?
Also, I've been looking for months now for glasses that are thin around the lenses and then go thicker at the arms and thin down near the ends.
Specsavers are useless, nothing I like in ...

 How do you heal stinging, dry eyes from wearing contact lenses too long?
I have been wearing my contacts for longer periods of time than I was advised to. When I take my contact lenses out, the area which is covered by my contacts starts to sting a lot. Can this be healed?...

 Omg what is happening to my eye?!?!!?!?
so for the past 3 days it felt like the inner corner of my left eye has been bruised! ever time i blink i can feel it. and i didn't think much of it until this morning. i woke up and the inner ...

 Bad vision?
I am -2 and -2.75. My optician says I should wear glasses fulltime. Is this right or should I wait till my vision gets worse?...

What does Third Eye look like?
No im not talking about the band.
When i close my eyes in the middle of my forhead i see a dark
purple dot and blue clored stuff moving around.Isnt Third eye supposed to blue.And i havn't really meditated but 2 times and not in a deep state.
On youtube i listen to music that stimulates the third eye does that have any thing to do with it?

Sorry for all this writing

try in a spiritual forum, really not sure what in the world you're talking about.

you are weird, maybe you bending over too much

Amusing...But pointless!

i dont understand you
you are weird
good bye

Your third eye isn't a physical thing that can be seen.

It is a metaphor for a spiritual awakening...supposedly when you achieve nirvana or some silly thing, you see everything clearer...in your mind.

It won't really appear on your forehead.

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