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 What happens to my eyesight over time from wearing glasses?
Do I have to get a stronger set? My eyes get tired now and the last time I had an eye exam was about 4-5 years ago....

 Can an MD not certified in ophthalmology write a perscription for eyeglasses?
Is this legal? Would it be honored? The doctor in question is board certified in Internal Medicine and Oncology, not Ophthalmology, but provided he knew how and had simply lost his original ...

 Glasses help PLEASE!!?
Okay Im 15 and just got my first pair of glasses, they are -1.25 in each eye with no astigmatism. I see a lot better with them but my parents say that I really don't need them since -1.25 doesn&#...

 Eye question?
sometimes i see white or silver specs and they move a little. i'm not sure in which eye or they may be in both. ill try and better explain just so u have a better idea of what im talking about. ...

 Colored contacts...?
1 okay so i have brown eyes. kind of like light brown..w/ specks of green. would blue or green colored contacts work? or are my eyes too dark?

2 and they also make colored contacts for ...

 UK: I want to be able to wear contact lenses but know nothing about them...?
Can i order dalies and wear them for special occasions? ie do they keep if i prefer to wear my glasses?

Do they need fitting, or can I just give them my glasses prescription and order them?...

 Why are my contact leses a light blue color??
They are not colored ones, but are a very light blue and it bothers becasue you can see them in my eyes. Why are they like that?...

 My eye contact moved and it seems to be stuck behind my eye...what do i do?

 How much for a year supply of contacts?
iam thiking of buying contact lenses. do the acuve oasis lens cost alot? and do they have the ones that last for one month at a time? how much will a years supply of the one month contacts cost me?...

 Contacts....will it hurt?
on the 20th im getting contacts. im soooo ready but i dont want to hurt myself when i first try it. my mom said the first time its hard but you cant even feel them once you get used to it. help mee!...

 2 questions about vision (not too complicated)?
1. how old were you when you got your first pair of glasses/contacts?

2. what percentage of people have natural 20/20 vision and never need corrective lenses (except for old age of course)?...

 Blind People?
Can blind people cry or is the total eye usage just gone?...

 Help me get my contacts out with these acrylic nails!?
So, I got my nails done about a week ago for prom, and have yet been able to take my contacts out!! I've been reading other yahoo answers about taking them out, and have tried just about ...

 Is applying Kajal or eye liner to our eyes affects our eyes or make our eyes impure?
Because my friend have eye sore.On consulting with the eye specialist he advised her that not to apply kajal.On applying,dust deposits in our eyes.Is it so?...

 Should I be wearing my glasses all of the the time?
I got glasses about a yr ago just for distance (I had difficulty reading the board in school). My vision is -.50 in both eyes with a little bit of astigmatism. I have only been wearing my glasses ...

 When you order contact lens, is there a difference between the shape of left eye and right eye?
is there a difference? both of my eyes are the same shape and same prescription. So s hould i just order one box?...

 Eye infection from contacts?
I have this infection from my contacts (or something). This is the second time. I do everything to take care of my contacts; i wash my hands before i put them in, i clean them with solution every ...

 Why do we get eye bogeys?
I get them all day long, not just in the morning, and not crusty either, they are like a long piece of goo that comes out from my lower eyelid, not just the corner, what is this?...

 What exactly is polarised (lenses)sunglasses?
My dad asked me and couldn't reply with an answer.

Just would like to know thats all.

Any posts would be greatful.


 Is there any way to get rid of eyeglasses?
I wear lenses when I am out,at home I wear glasses at all times.I know there is lasik surgery for eyes but I don't want to do that....

jo j
What are the chances of laser eye surgery messing up?

LasikExpert - Glenn Hagele
I work for a nonprofit Lasik patient advocacy organization. We don't provide Lasik, just Lasik information and we certify Lasik doctors' patient outcomes.

Our Quality Standards Advisory Committee evaluated multiple published studes, the FDA clinical trials, and thousands of patient outcomes to conclude that about 3% of vision correction surgery patients (all types of surgery, all types of patients) have some sort of unresolved complication at six months postop, with about 0.5% requiring extensive management or invasive intervention.


ppl say laser eye surgery has very small chance to fail if u r handled by good doctor w/ complete equipment, but i found 1 case, the patient was operated by good doctor w/ complete stuff but they mess up, and the patient blind forever . . . ow that was sad . . . . . for ur safety dont do the surgery if not neccessary.

If the procedure is performed by an unqualified Doctor, or with unsanitized equipment, and the proper prep is not done prior to the procedure, you could be rendered Blind.

*cHiNeSsE gIrL*
2 out of billions..i gues

I love my Baby Boy
These are your eyes that were talking about. Make sure that you don't go to one of those doctors that advertise $400.00 per eye. I found that most of the honest doctors are based in university settings. Why don't you try to get a consult from a medical center in a university. The state that you leave in should have a medical board website, they show if any doctor is under a law suit. Check that out before you decide on a surgeon. Any questions about refractive surgery just ask. I'll keep looking!!!!

There are risks with any surgery, but laser eye surgery has come along way and I would safely place your odds at 85 - 90 % successful. I have personally gone through it twice, and both were successful, and in fact the second surgery (2 years after the first) was more complicated yet less painful, I had vision restored within 24 hours.

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