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What are some reasons that someone would not be a 'good candidate' for laser eye surgery?
My eye guy said I wasn't. When I asked him to explain why, he just said I wasn't.

Anyway, I have astigmatism, and my contact prescription is left -3.75 and right is -9.00.


I had the surgury with limited side effects. It was 8 years ago and I'm 20/20 since.

Anyway, I think if your pupils are f****ed up you are not a good candidate for lasik.

i think they are too different.

Peace Babii
if u have an auto-amune disease you are not a good candidate for laser eye surgery.

Krysta P
If your prescription has changed in the past 2 years they'd prefer you to wait, as after the surgery your eyes may change again.

Severe astigmatism affects lasik laser eye surgery eligibility. Older lasers were more invasive, and weren't able to measure varying degrees of astigmatism, therefore that would make you in-eligible for the surgery. Although newer technology, such as custom wavefront, makes it possible for people like you to be able to get laser eye surgery.

The prescription in your right eye, is very strong, but I've heard of people having the surgery with worse than that.

If I were you, I would shop around, from the sounds of it, the place you went to, wasn't capable of helping you out. Other Eye Surgeons may have newer technology....besides a consult is free, and maybe they can explain further why you aren't a candidate.

♥♥Mrs SSG B♥♥
I agree with Krysta...

I also wanted to add that there are some other possibilities...such as not having sufficient corneal thickenss in order for them to make the flap for the surgery. Also, having very dry eyes can prevent you from having the surgey, since a side-effect of LASIK is dry eyes. You will have severe dryness post-operatively if you have dry eyes prior.

I will list several things that can make a patient not a "good candidate".

1) Younger than 18
2) Unstable prescription
3) Diabetes
4) Pregnant or nursing within the last 6 months.
5) Thin corneas
6) Very large pupils
7) History of poor healing with other surgeries
8) Keratoconus
9) Dry eyes
10) Extremely high prescription (this can be related to the thin cornea aspect)
11) Cataracts
12) Various other types of corneal disease such as Fuch's Corneal Dystrophy

These would be the major candidacy factors.

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