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 Theres something scratching the inside of my eyelid?
i tried rising my eye out.
But its still there.
Everytime i blink i can feel it scratching my eye
Anything that would help me?
It really hurts and my right eye keeps <...

 Which is better...glasses or contacts?
I wear glasses now but I don't like them because I can't see upward, downward, or left and right very far......

 Does having lasik eye surgery make your eyes more sensitive to light?

 Can the need for reading glasses cause headaches?
lately I have been having headaches when I use the computer during the day.I am having trouble reading but I can see the computer.Could the need of reading glasses cause these headaches?...

 I have vsp eye insurance. is there a store like lenscrafters that will take my insurance.?
alot of the frames at the approved doctors offices are way more expensive then what i see online?...

 Parents against getting me glasses?
So yesterday I went to the eye doctor, and found out that I have -1.50 in both eyes! So when I was to choose glasses I declined to pick out the medicaid covered ones, I wanted to pay for Oakleys with ...

 Laser sursery for nearsightedness does not quarantee that you will not have to wear glasses agin?

 Question for anybody who wears glasses?
if you take off your glasses, does everything look blurry,or is it just hard to read. I am wondering because it is hard to read through my left eye but stuff doesnt look blurry, but my right eye is ...

 Can wearing safety glasses all day at work be bad for your eyes?

 28 y/o got a Cataract in 1983 - Blind in my right eye - Should I get surgery? (Lasik need not apply)?
When I was 4 years old I got a cataract in my right eye. At that time complete lens removal was the only option. For the past 24 years I have not had strong vision in my right eye due to lens ...

 Hmm...contact lenses?
I just want to know how long it takes from day one, right from booking your appointment and to actually recieving your contact lenses, from somewhere such as Specsavers. Do they take long to come ...

 Partial loss of vision...?
My mom lost part of her vision in her left eye today. She said it slowly got worse from the outside of her field of vision in. Within an hour or so it got better. We obviously went to the dr who ...

 If you wear contact lens and you died with them in your eyes, do they take them out?

 How do i know if im ready for contact lenses?
Ive worn glasses all my life (im 14)and im ready to wear contacts...i think. i can touch my eye....im not 100%comftorable but i think once i get them i will be. any thing else that i need to be able ...

 Are u suppposed to...?
are u supposed to feel the contacts in ur eye. cause the person at the place a long time ago told me u cant feel them. but my left eye is like really dry and i can feel it in there. i dont wanna put ...

 Any eye experts out there???
My optician said that my fundi have an unusal speckled appearance... any clue what this could be because she said she wasn't sure
Additional Details
well duh! I was hardly going to ...

 Contact lenses?
Got my first contact lens exam yesterday, i've been wearing glasses for years, and finally decided to bit the bullet and go for contacts. I'm now on day two (altho i do't have the ...

 Can i Put my contact lenses in water?
i just ran out tonight so i just put them in water about 30 min ago. is this a no-no? do i need to do anything to the water to make it bacteria-free? i just opened my last package of lenses this ...

 I was told by an Optician here (Spain) that I should not sleep in my contact lenses, it can damage my eyes.?
I had a good answer when I asked about the liquid behind my lens drying and wonder if this could be the cause of it....

 What age good for contact lenses?
what age for getting contacts?
I wear contacts so I know how to care for them. I have 4 boys and two of them wear glasses. One is 13 and one is turning 11 next month. My 11 yr old has expressed ...

Gwendolyn H
What are reasons why a blood vessel burst in your eye ?

Sneezing or any sort of strain to your eye could cause it to burst

Jenny W
It's usually due to eye strain or stress.

1) uncontrolled high blood pressure or diabetes

2) systemic use of "blood thinning" medications like Aspirin, Coumadin, etc

3) "valsalva maneuvers" like sneezing, coughing, vomiting, constipation, lifting heavy objects

4) injury to eye

5) bad luck

something has caused your blood pressure to rise causing a weak vessel to rupture and is common at the eye area....usuall there is some pain noticed but not to be alarmed as it usually will correct itself within 24 hours and you should see a n m.d. about the situation during that noted period.

Bob M
reticl detereration or high blood pressure. it happened to me...get to your er or fire station and get your bp checked right now. it is treatable. time is important.

that's called the peeping tom syndrome. the name pretty much says it all.

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