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 How long is it safe to keep and wear daily disposable contacts?
So I used to wear soft reusable three-month contacts, but they were too much of a pain this last year, so I downgraded to daily disposables. I usually only wear them to exercise, which is maybe every ...

 Eyes dry with contacts?
I wear them for about 12-14 hours a day, and my eyes feel dry. What can cause this? ...

 How could i easy my eyes?
my eyes ! sit in front of computer everyday , my eyes ached everyday . how could i confert my eyes ? eye drop doesn't work ....

 What is the best contact lense solution?
i keep hearig about many recalls that I dont know what to use anymore help!
Additional Details
Are there any solutions that i can get only with prescriptions?...

 Help With Contacts??
I am getting contacts on saturday and I would like to know what to expect. Does it hurt when you put them in?How long did it take you to be able to put them in easily? Anything else you think would ...

 Contact lense issue?
i just got my contact lenses and im having some trouble getting them in...when i go to out them in they sometimes go backwards and stick to my finger instead of going on my eye...i usually try to rub ...

 What would happen if........?
What would happen if I accidently left my contacts in my eyes and went to sleep.......

I've always wondered that question ( dont ask y)...lolzz.

Well if u no then do ...

 Glasses help????????
I'm a 14 year-old pregnant who is currently having eye problems. In fifth grade I took an eye test at school and they said i needed glasses. After going to a real eye doc, they told me wait ...

 Help me puhlease. its super urgentt?
okayy.. tomorrow is picture day at my school, and my eyelids are suuuper swollen. and i NEED it to go away by tomorrow morning.
any suggestionss?...

 What causes eyes to change color?

 In the supermarkets you can buy reading glasses, can you also buy glasses for distance reading.?

 Contact lenses question - urgent?
OK, I've been using contact lenses for a year, and have run out of them.

I'm due for a checkup, and my opticians won't give me new lenses until I have had this done. I have ...

 How can i GET bloodshot eyes?

 What is your prescription for glasses/contacts?
I have just recently got new glasses and was interested for the first time on what the prescription was. What is your prescription - closest person to mine wins the best answer....

 Can i get a eye exam if im pregnat?
I am 8 months preg. can i get a eye exam and contacts?...

 How young can you be to get contact lenses?
What's the minimum age to get contacts? I'm in my teens i have glasses to see the board but i HATE them! Can i get contacts?...

 Are eyeglasses supposed to be blurry when you first get them?
I decided i needed to get eyeglasses because at work i'm usually writing or reading off of a computer and they've been irritating me and giving me slight headaches at times. My normal ...

 How often should I get my eyes checked if I don't wear glasses?
..I spend a lot of time in front of a computer at work..about 13 hrs a day....and I find myself squinting and cheating during the eye exam at the DMV, but I don't think I need glasses....

 Does anyone know how to get grease off of eyeglasses?

 Will i need to buy a new frame if i need new lenses?
i want to treat my self to new glases but i want to know if i should because i may need stronger or weaker lenses next year. will my optition (vision express) let me keep my frame and just give my ...

What Is Cheaper: Contacts Or Glasses?

Glasses. They cost from about £30 to about £200 but can last for five years or more. Contacts are anything from about 50p a day to £1 a day so you can only have about a years supply of contacts for the cost of some expensive glasses.

i <3 Ryan Sheckler
I would have to say Glasses because they last until they break. Now contacts you have to replace them whenever they rip so it does get a little pricey when using them!

Glasses are cheaper in the long term. You have to keep buying contacts as your supply gets used up so it will end up costing more than if you had bought glasses from the start.

XxTHE girlxX
glasses but i wear contacts :D

Glasses, especially if you get them at Walmart Optical, contacts are a constant consumable.

Glasses are cheaper to buy than contacts. If you get the disposable contacts you can only leave them in two weeks to a month depending on what kind you get and then you have to put a new pair in. Contacts can be costly but they are nice to wear instead of glasses.

contacts but you have to change them some times every month daily or weekly it really depends of what type that you buy


i honestly don't no u should ask your optimalgist

In my case they are about equal. This question is really dependent on where you purchase your eyeglasses/contacts and the strength of your prescription. Also if your wear contacts, you need glasses as well because you will not be able to wear contacts all the time.

I purchased eyeglasses at www.zennioptical.com for $39.00 including photo-chromatic lenses and anti-reflective coating. I wear a purevision toric lens in my left eye and my right eye has no correction. I paid $39.99 for a box the last time I purchased them. My contact lens prescription is plano -1.25 axis 60. The bausch and lomb website classifies it as a moderate prescription for astigmatism. My eyeglasses have a slightly higher prescription.

I suggest that you shop around based on your prescription to see what works best for you and your budget.

definitely glasses because when you buy them, you dont need to buy more unless its for repairs and you can have them for a long time. contacts need to be renewed every once in a while, plus you need cases for both... and contact solution for the contacts. but you would need eyeglass cleaner and a cloth, too. but glasses are cheaper, trust me.

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