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Additional Details
I took my contacts out ...

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 How do you clean your eye glasses?
I just use a cloth....

 Help understanding my vision prescription?
My eye doctor must have been in a bad mood because he really didn't explain anything to me today. He only told me I have mixed astigmatism and my prescription says this:

right eye

Ugh! i can't get my contacts in!?
i keep on trying but i can't get my contacts in! my eyes keep on blinking...ppl keep on giving me different advice but i still can't do it! help!!!

hold one eye with both hands then hold the contact on ur eye for awhile

cleanse the lens and place it on the pad of your domiant pointer finger. place your non dominant hand with the palm on top of your head and pull your upper lid up with your middle finger. pull the bottom of your eye down with your dominant hand middle finger, then put in the lens with your dominant pointer finger. it may be helpful to put a white towel in the sink, so you can see it if you drop it. it took me a year to get used to wearing mine and putting them in.....be patient, you'll get it.

I think donnyjepp is referring to hard lenses. I'm assuming you have soft lenses. There's a big difference. With soft ones, make sure your finger is DRY. Keep practicing. Once you do it right, you'll have it. Don't be afraid to go back to your eye doctor early for help. Soft lenses can be difficult. But it's their job to teach you the little tricks. Don't worry, hon, and don't stress about it. You WILL get it. I promise! :)

Look at the lens and aim for the center of your eye. Right before you touch your eye with it, look up and then put in on your eye. Then move it up if you have to. Keep your eye open as wide as you can, and the key is to make sure you aim directly for the center of your eye.

And DONT GET FRUSTRATED! It makes it 1000 times harder.

First off make sure you've got the right side of the Contac ready. If the edges are sticking out its inside-out, it should look like a bowl. The Contac should be on the 'ball' part of your fingertip.

Then put only ONE drop of solution in the Contac.

Now, this is key: MAKE SURE YOUR FINGERS ARE NOT WET, or your finger will slip off the eyelid.

Then, pull your eyelid up holding against your upperlid, pushing the lashes against the upper lid.

Last, and this is important, look directly at your eye, NOT the Contac while placing it in your eye.

Go towards the eye, keeping the Contac level so it doesn't slide off or move around. Come up below the eye at a slight angle and you should get it.

Don't get discouraged, practice makes perfect!

Good Luck!

It can be hard and frustrating on times. If you get super frustrated just walk a way for a bit and then go back and try again. You'll get them in eventually, just don't give up.

To get mine in I:

1.) Place my contact on my right pointer finger
2.) Pull my lower lid down with my right middle finger
3.) Pull my upper lid up with my left middle finger
4.) Then I put the contact in, sometimes I look up then down quickly, other times I do end up blinking

You'll get them I promise. Once you find a way that works for you, stick with it.

Hope this helps. :-)

look into your mirror with both of your eyes looking at what you are doing. the slowly put the contact just a little under you pupil. then look down slowly the contact should then stick. try your best not to blink

i had the same problem, my eye doctor wouldn't let me leave without showing him that i could get them in, out, and back in again. a little trick i use is to make a "surprised look," on your face (ie open your eyes as wide as you can right before you put the contact in.)

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